Pre K Parents

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Dear Parents,

I hope you all are having a fantastic week. I was very glad to meet you all last week in open house. I wanted to thank you all for taking the time to visit the classroom and meet with me. I know we will have a successful school year.

Working with Social Studies

This year has been off to a great start and we are currently working on many different tasks. In Math, we are learning about different shapes. These include: squares, circles, and triangles. In Language Arts, we are learning our ABC’s. As you saw in the classroom students have been devoting much time to identifying different letters. This week we had an in school tour to see how many A’s and B’s we could find in the building. With this the students are getting more familiar and comfortable with letters. This week I have especially been working with children in Social Studies. I have been teaching students what a community is and the different roles of community workers. For this I had visitors come to class and explain their jobs and roles in the community. These visitors were a doctor, police officer, and florist. This was a great experience for the students because they showed great interest and curiosity to learn about other community roles.

I have asked the students to go home and ask their parents what their community role is. I asked them to draw a picture of their parent’s community role and bring it to class on Monday. If you could please assist your child in describing to them your community role it would be of much help. Next week we are going to share these community role pictures with each other and it would be greatly appreciated for you to be involved with your child’s homework.

Thank you,

Miss Garcia

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