Space Travel

By Keeley Brown

The Conditions

The trip to Mars will be a struggle in its own right, the journey will take between 300 days to one whole year, though this could change depending on speed and resources within the space craft. conditions on the space craft vary from struggling to do natural things such as bathe and eat as well as sleep, you will have to be tied down to do so, so you don't float off, the space craft could also malfunction or you could be hit by asteroids.

Mars is considered the most Earth-like planet in the Solar System, conditions on mars are quite harsh compared to Earth. Any astronaut going to Mars would have to face several obstacles in order to stay long term on Mars. some being, The atmosphere. Mars barely has any atmosphere. The Atmosphere of Mars is so thin that it is 200 times less massive than Earth’s atmosphere.Also over 95 percent of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide.

The most obvious condition on Mars is the climate. On average the temperature on Mars is minus 50 degrees Celsius. also the tilt of Mars ‘axis gives it seasons just like Earth. This means during its winters it can get even colder. Another challenge from the climate is dust storms. Living quarters on mars will be small and you will likely have to share with one of your crew. The days will also be some what longer than earth by approximately 37 minutes, and the years longer by 322 earth days the season will be similar to the seasons on earth.

Life On Mars

Life on mars is not going to be easy, the food will be awful but full of preservatives and nutrients to keep you healthy you'll have lots of choices such as dehydrated meats and a whole lot of condiments such as mustard and ketchup, hey at least you'll have vacuum packed sippy packs of juice and or soft drink.
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you are not guaranteed to ever reach mars and or be able to live out your life on mars.

What To Do

when life gets boring on mars there will be activities available for theses such problems. you can go exploring craters, you can also go looking for extraterrestrial life if you want.