5B Newsletter

December 9-13

Two more weeks until winter break, and we are plugging along getting lots done in 5BL. Our holiday party will be Monday, December 16.

In reading this week we are reading a story from our Harcourt book called, "Woodsong". This is a personal narrative about Gary Paulsen and his sled dog. We just finished the novel Liberation of Gabriel King last week, and some students are still completing their character head which is the final assessment piece for the novel. Students have worked very hard on these and they look great! For the December book report students are to choose a picture book and design a new cover art image. This is just a fun project, and many of the students have chosen holiday books to get into the spirit. This is due by Friday, December 20.

In math, we are almost midway through Module 3. Students have been working on equivalent fractions and adding & subtracting fractions. We will be testing on Friday.

In accelerated math students will be looking at the distributive property, associative property and order of operations in expressions.

In writing, students just finished their Hero prompts. They did a fabulous job with these. I am so impressed with how their writing continues to get better and better. Ask to see your child's if you haven't seen it yet. We will be doing a winter writing activity these next couple of weeks.

In spelling, we will be looking at Greek and Latin roots. Students need to remember to study their words nightly, and know the meanings of the words.

In science, we are doing a unit on earth. This week we will be looking at how fast the earth spins and how the sun can help us determine the season.

I hope you all have a great week. Stay warm :)