The Daguerreotype

Louis Daguerre

Born: November 18, 1787.

Louis Daguerre is the newest, and best in the art world with his new invention of the daguerreotype. The daguerreotype is a process that makes it possible to have a permanent picture developed within 20-30 minutes.
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Louis Daguerre is a painter born near Paris France. He worked as a background painter and was inspired by lighting and scenery. Daguerre was interested by photography and thanks to some help he was able to make a permanent way of developing the photo. the process includes silver, mercury, and solution salt. this process is now called the daguerreotype.

Come see him live!

Friday, Feb. 18th 1848 at 6:30pm

Paris, France

Paris, Île-de-France

Come see Louis Daguerre live as he explains his daguerreotype

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