medival crime and punishment

back during the medival times crimes were punished harsly

what where the punishments in medival times

there was ordeal by water,fire and cobat. witch would leave for god to decide there fate. if they were theives they would cut of their right hands so that other people would be more aware of them. they would be hung drawn and quarterd, witch meant the would be hung untill they died drawn by four horses and then ripped into four pieces.

what where the crimes for each punishments?

the ordeals where only for serious offenses,like treason or against gods beliefs. thieves would get a hand cut off.

name three torture devices

there is a ducking stool witch would duck people under water, there is a stretching device called a rack and a hanging cage where u would starve to death

the three ordeals

ORDEAL BY WATER: is where is where the tie you up and throw u in a river, if u float than u were senteneced guilty and would be killed and if you drowned you where innocent.

OREAL BY FIRE: where they put a hot burning rod on your hand then they would bandage their hands and if in three days the wound is progressingly better than they were inoccent and if not than they were guilty.

ORDEAL BY COMBAT: is where you fight to the death with the person who charges you. you would be proven innocent if you won.

what are the diffreny courts and what were they used for?

there are church courts witch judge the members of the clergy such as monks and nuns, manorial courts do manors with the lords . they deal with assualt ,drunkness and theft.

royal courts were the highest courts and dealt with treason, murder and any high theft.

which court would deal with nuns or priests

church courts would deal with them and espacily involving hersey where they were saying that god wasnt true to what they thought