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About the book

Hatchet is about a kid named Brian who was on a plane on his way to see his dad when the pilot had a heart attack. Brian was scared and tried to take control of the plane but it crashed in a pond.

Summary of the book

There was a kid named Brian. Brian was taking a private plane to see his dad but on his way there, the pilot had a heart attack. Brian was very scared and had no idea what to do. He tried to take control of the plane and land it in a nearby pond that he saw. When the plane crashed in the water, Brian was able to get out of the plane and he knew he had to survive now. So he made a shelter and gathered food by catching fish and birds. Brian also tried to repair the plane but he could'nt. Then another plane came by and landed by Brian. The pilot picked him up and brought him back safely.

Two characters

Brian was a teen and he was in a plane crash with a hatchet and he wanted to eat alot and hunt. Another character was the pilot who saved him he was nice and helpful.
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Description of the setting

The setting was a forest with a big opening with a pond in the middle of it. The forest was also big.
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The conflict of Hatchet was man vs nature. Brian had to survive. He had to cut down trees and make a shelter and gather food. Brian had to do every thing he could to get someone to help him. The conflict was resolved by a pilot who saved him. The pilot took Brian back to civilization.

About the Author

The author is Gary Paulsen. I think the author likes a kind of scavange/adventure feeling like in hatchet. And i think the author put alot of effort into this book to make it sound very good and realistic. He is one of America's most popular writters for young people. He developed a passion for reading at a young age.

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