A Pocket Full of Seeds

By: Marilyn Sachs


Nicole Nieman a Jewish girl who was thirteen and she never really thought about being Jewish. Until the nazis came to watch France very carefully. Nicole's family wanted to cross the border to Swizterland but Nicole's dad did not want to. Nicole's dad said that the war would be over in a couple of days since the United States people have interfered with the war and the nazis are getting pushed back. He was wrong. One day when Nicole came home from her school. Something bad happened. The people on Nicole's street said she needed to run away because the nazis were going to look for her to. She had no idea where to run from the nazis. Will the nazis ever find her?


Nicole never gave up on running from the nazis and also I thought the other half of the theme was to keep fighting for what you love or care about. It's because the mom and dad of the family tried to keep their family fed and at least keep them from being hungry and clothed. Her family sold things to get food and clothes to. Nicole rode to a farm to get food every day .

Research part/ reflection

Switzerland maintained a state of armed neutrality. However with the central powers of Germany and Austria Hungary and the entente powers of France and Italy all sharing borders and population with Switzerland, this was not easy to accomplish. An outbreak of WWII in 1939 Switzerland immediately began to mobilize for a possible invasion the entire country was fully mobilized in three days the Swiss government began to fortify positions throughout the country in the course of the war. Detailed plans were made. So that's why Switzerland was more safe than France.

The reflection: the way the author put it was when Nicole's family was trying to cross the border but the dad never wanted to cross the border because he still thought it was safe in France. But the mother knew that the Germans were going to come into France the mom just wanted to be safe. Also keep her children safe. The mom was right Swizterland was a lot more safe then France.

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