Grayson Wester 1/11/16 7th

Note taking

I grew this semester by learning how to take better notes so when I get to high school and college I will have a good representation on how to do it and it will help me in college when im older.


The TRF helped me study a lot because it made me study more and learn what i need to work on so i can get my grade up in class and work harder to get a better grade in the class so i wont fail.


Tutorials can help me on a question or a problem that i am stuck on and my peers can help me on the problem so i will be able to finish the problem in time to get a good grade.

Community service

Community service is really fun to help people in need and have fun while doing it because you get to hang out with friends and meet new people and i can get a pretty good work out, out of it by lifting heavy boxes.


Organization really helped me this year because i used to be really unorganized growing up in my room and in school my room used to be all messy and my binder used to be falling apart everyday but AVID really helped me change that.

Public speaking

Public speaking really helped me because i used to be scared to go in front of people and talk but now its nothing, a couple months ago i was at this banquet and i had to talk and i just rolled through it like it was nothing.

What will i do next year with these skills?

When i begin to get older i will use these skills to learn more,take better notes,stay organized, and to be prepared for anything. But next semester i will begin to use these skills a lot more often.