EAT Semester Exam

By: KyAnna Carrillo

TAFE and Educators Rising Involvement

My TRAFLES involvement is as stated below:
Teaching- By teaching in my classroom and doing lessons I have completed the requirement.
Recreation- Our class went to the science museum to visit the Myth Busters exhibit, completing the requirements.
Appreciation- Before Christmas break we gathered after school to make hot chocolate in jars as appreciation gifts for our teachers. We also created Wooden block with their names on them to give as gifts.
Fundraising- At the begging of the year we sold cookie dough in boxes, and by selling 3 boxes, I completed the requirement.
Leadership- To complete this section I volunteered to help out at a elementary school aspire party.
Education- At the BCTAL we had a college and career day. Several Colleges came to us and presented their schools. this completed the requirements.

Service- I volunteered at the schools fine arts day and helped the kids in various crafts, fulfilling the requirement.

Last year i competed in the chapter scrapbook and went to state for it. This year I am competing in the Portfolio competition and i will be attending state for it as well.

My Future as a Teacher

As a senior i have taken my SAT and ACT, I have applied and been accepted at Texas State University and Tarleton State university. Next year I plan on attending Tarleton. I haven't figured out housing or scholarships yet. I like this school because it is a small school with a good education program.