Down Syndrome

By: Trevor Cassens

Physical Features

  • Mental Impairment
  • Stunted growth
  • Umbilical hernia
  • Increased skin on back of neck
  • Larger tongue
  • flat nose
  • abnormal teeth
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Emotional and Mental features

  • Are disruptive and hyperactive
  • anxious
  • depression
  • obsessive compulsive behaviors
  • chronic sleep difficulties

When do people start to see symptoms? Is it progressive or does it hit all at once? And does it shorten the persons lifespan?

Parents should start to see symptoms when the baby is around 1 years old; It is progressive and as you get older the symptoms get worse; It can shorten the individuals life span but in rare cases it doesn't

How much care does the individual need? What things can't the person do?

The individual needs tons of care and they always need someone in the presence or in the same house as them; The individual can't reproduce, and they can't live independently.
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Are there any treatments/cures for Down syndrome? Are there any precautions the individual can take to lesson the symptoms

No there are no cures or single treatments for Down Syndrome yet.

Will the individual need educational support at school? What kind of emotional support will be needed?

Yes the child will need special help at school only if he or she struggles if they have good grades they won't need any help; they need a lot of emotional support when they don't want to do any more work
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Do you need to make changes to your home?

No you don't need to make any changes to your home you just have to keep an eye on the child almost all the time