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September edition

From the principal's desk

Parents are the first teachers

Every year, during the month of September, there is this awesome buzz of wishing all the teachers on teachers’ day. Each one of us will remember the best teachers in our lives. Some of us will even make our best efforts to send teachers’ day wishes. Yes, there is no doubt that there is always a great teacher behind a great personality or a happy child. But who is the first and the most prominent teacher in a kid’s life? Unquestionably, it is the parent who takes the major stake in moulding a child’s personality. Even before any teacher, parents take the first step in shaping a child’s character and personality.

Parents are and should be the best teacher in a child’s life.

So, to question ourselves, are we consciously helping our kids pick the right habits, behaviour and attitudes? It is true that children acquire all the genetic attributes from their parents. It is also equally true that they acquire social behaviour and habits for life from parents.

It is observed that the children who come from families that are very social and outspoken, settle very well with their peers and are very active in a group setting. Children coming from families that follow healthy eating habits automatically learn to eat right. If the parents have a habit of reacting to every situation, children also pick the same. The personality that a child develops as he/she grows up is majorly affected by the upbringing or the parenting style. So, what are these parenting styles? How do you know your parenting style? Answer the questions below to figure out your current style.


· Does your child’s day have a structure to it, such as a planned bedtime and certain household rules?

· Does your child understand/know the consequences for disrupting this structure or breaking the household rules?

· Does your child understand the expectations that you have for their behaviour, and are these expectations reasonable?

· Are you consistent in following the disciplinary rules and daily routine?

· Do you have a healthy and open line of communication with your child? That is, does your child feel that they can speak to you about anything without fear of negative consequence or harsh judgment?


· Do you care for your child’s needs—emotional, physical, and social?

· Do you have an understanding of what is going on in your child’s life?

· Does the home provide a safe space for the child where they can share their experiences and expect positive feedback rather than negative or no feedback?

· Do you spend long periods of time away from home, leaving the child alone?

· Do you often find yourself making excuses for not being there for your child?

· Do you know your child’s friends? Teachers?

· Are you involved in your child’s life outside the home? Do you attend programs conducted at child’s school?


· Do you not have set limits or rules for your child? Do you often compromise your rules to accommodate your child’s mood?

· Do you avoid conflict with your child?

· Do you have a willingness to be your child’s best friend rather than their parent?

· Do you often bribe your child to do things with large rewards?


· Do you have very strict rules that you believe should be followed no matter what?

· Do you often find yourself offering no explanations for the rules other than “Because I said so?”

· Do you give your child few choices and decisions about their likes and dislikes?

· Do you find yourself utilizing punishment as a means of getting your child to do what you ask?

· Are you reserved in the amount of warmth and nurturing you show your child?

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How does parenting style affect your child’s personality?

Neglectful Parenting: Children raised in a neglectful parenting style have very low self-esteem and find it very difficult to adjust in a social setting and develop social skills. They will be often seen to be withdrawn from the group activities and are mostly introverts. They will also have learning difficulties due to lack of support at home. In some cases, children tend to become more mischievous and turn out to be attention seekers. As they are mostly low at academics they tend to get the attention in negative ways. They do not get or understand the sense of responsibility.

Permissive Parenting: Children who are brought up by a permissive parent find difficulty in understanding the rules set in a social setting such as school or in a group play. They become stubborn and often seem to throw tantrums irrespective of the social environment they are in. They easily get into conflicts with peers and do not understand the concept of sharing.

Authoritarian Parenting: Children who are brought up by an authoritarian parent tend to easily break the rules in the absence of parents. Their behaviour will be entirely different in the presence and the absence of the parent. They often misbehave in the absence of the parent. They mostly are physically aggressive and abusive as they model their parents. In some cases, children who are under an authoritarian will be submissive and have very low self-esteem.

Authoritative Parenting: Children brought up under the authoritative style of parenting understand the importance of setting and following rules. They will be good communicators and can openly share their views and problems. They develop good social skills and understand the code of conduct in different social settings. They also will be academically good and do not have the fear of failure.

Every parent strives to give the best to their child. Every teacher has a different teaching style. Similarly, every parent will have a different parenting style. It is important that we adjust our teaching and parenting styles to bring the best out of our children. On this teachers’ day, I urge all the parents to reflect upon their parenting styles; to be a good role model, and be the best teacher in your child’s life.

Some of these little things can be followed by all the parents to help the kids grow in a positive environment which will mould them to be good human beings:

1. Never lose your cool; always be polite to everyone

2. Set a healthy lifestyle

3. Model reading books

4. Minimize screen time

5. Play with your kids

6. Listen first.Try to respond, not react

7. Never judge; always encourage; give constructive feedback

8. Display confidence in the child

9. SAY big NO to physical abuse

10. Above all, be a good friend to your child (of any age)

Remember that even though a child learns a lot of things from peers in social settings and classroom, a strong foundation is always laid at home.

Children getting addicted to screens: How does it affect? How to minimize?

Considering the increasing dependencies on gadgets and screens, it isn’t any surprise that children quickly start spending more than the desired time with these gadgets. This is often becoming a concern for parents and they look for ways to minimize the screen time.

We introduce gadgets to pacify our children. Gradually it becomes a habit & finally, an addiction!

This article discusses how the increased amount of screen time affects the kids and how it can be minimized.

Effect of excess TV and Smartphone time on child’s growth:

1) Causes headaches

Prolonged exposure to the bright blue light coming from the screen generally induce headaches in children. They have less energy and a hard time concentrating in school.”

2) Leads to poor vision

The number of children wearing spectacles nowadays is much more than that was a decade or two earlier.

The excessive exposure to bright blue lights can strain your child’s eyes.

3) Affects posture

Excess time in front of gadgets affects your child’s posture. It forces your child to remain in unhealthy postures for prolonged periods, resulting in severe neck pain

4) Causes obesity

As a result of increasing interactions with gadgets, children spend prolonged times idly sitting in one place, without any physical activity which results in obesity.

5) Causes irregular sleep cycle

A child who spends a lot of time watching TV or engaging with gadgets, especially before bedtime, faces difficulty in sleeping. The bright light emitted from screens make the brain think it’s daytime, disrupting sleep.

This causes the child to keep on tossing and turning around, unable to fall asleep. Lack of sleep or irregular sleep affects a child’s sleep cycle, daily routine, and in turn, his/her health.

6) Decline in physical activity

With tonnes of interesting and engaging content available on screen, physical activity will seem more of a task to children.

However, lack of physical activity leads to lack of exercise for the muscles and body, lack of getting fresh air, etc., all of which are essential for a child’s development.

Physical activity also provides an opportunity for a kid to make new friends, communicate, and learn key skills like coordination, teamwork, etc. Thus, with no physical activity, the child’s ability to socialise also diminishes.

7) Takes a toll on imagination

Imagination and creativity are an integral part of your child’s development.

We often notice children these days spending a lot more time on gadgets than the real worlds. They usually get attracted to the virtual world and remain there for prolonged periods of time. This endless time watching TV or playing with gadgets deprives them of the time to think on their own and be imaginative.

8) Unable to tolerate losses

Most activities on the screen like games make life simpler and are more attractive for the child.

So, when faced with a loss or an unfavourable result, he/she always has a choice to restart, sparing the disappointment of a loss. However, this makes your kid unable to tolerate losses in real life, leading to frustration and inability to learn virtues like patience, sportsmanship, etc.

9) Gives way to anxiety & depression

A child who spends more time on screen is prone to be either anxious or depressed when asked to get off screen — Most of the time, he/she argues with the parent and tries to stay on screen for some more time.

Even if the parent manages to get the child off screen, he/she will seem uninterested in mingling with anyone. This further decreases child’s interaction and communication skills, and thus, the ability to socialise.

10) Increases violence

A child who plays a lot of violent games is said to imbibe and imitate what he/she sees.

For example: if a kid plays a lot of action games, he/she will constantly be seen punching, hitting, or shooting imaginary opponents.

Involuntarily the child becomes rude, agitated, and often picks up fights with siblings, friends, classmates.

Simple & Practical Ways to Break Screen Addiction In Children

We certainly cannot eliminate a child’s interactions with gadgets in a single day. But, there are ways in which screen time can be converted into a healthy pastime. All it requires is one thing: parent involvement!

1) Limit screen time

When it comes to breaking your child’s interactions with gadgets, one of the first things to do is to set a time limit. Even when the kid has to use the computer or mobile phone for completing a school assignment, give a time limit. Besides that, whenever he/she uses a gadget, keep announcing the time/usage time left at regular intervals. This helps to take him/her off more easily.

2) Make gradual changes

Don’t ban the child from watching TV or playing games on the phone in one shot. Make gradual changes and cut down an hour a week to start with.

Also, if it’s his/her favourite show on TV or a new game, give your child half an hour to an hour maximum to entertain himself/herself.

3) Out of sight, out of mind!

Remember the old saying, ‘Out of sight, Out of mind’? When things start getting out of hand, it’s always better to take away these gadgets for a short span – may be a couple of days. Use this time to engage the child with other fun interesting activities and games to take off his/her mind off the subject.

4) Be a role model & mind your screen time

Kids imitate what their parents do. Which is why it would be advisable to restrict parent’s own screen time. Children will always gravitate toward the modelled behaviours of their parents. If they see the parent reading a book, they are more likely to read. And if they see the parent watching television, so will they.

5) Go screen free once in a while

Keep a day for tech-detox. Choose a day in a week or a fortnight to go screen-free as a family. Take the time to engage your child in other meaningful activities, spending family time and maybe trying out new hobbies.

6) Encourage hobbies

Hobbies help take children off screens. Let children pick up activities like painting, puzzles, drawing, dancing, etc. Remember parent’s participation piques the child’s interest immediately.” If the child takes up reading, then provide him/her new books every week, and place rewards for completing each book. Rewards are always great motivators for children. Rewards get the child more involved and thus, takes him/her off-screen. But remember, rewards don’t necessarily be chocolates, they can be more books, study materials or even praises.

7) Spend time for games

Sports is the best answer to this issue. Whether or not the child is inclined towards sports, there must be some kind of active play that will interest them. Games are one of the easiest ways to help take children off screens.

8 ) Engage your child in household chores

Get the little ones to assist in household chores. It not only takes him/her away from the screen but also, allows the parent to spend more time with the child. Apart from bonding, it helps in teaching about cleanliness, discipline, time management, and most importantly how to look after oneself.

9) Spend quality family time

Family time has a significant impact on screen time. Dining together, going for walks, short trips and picnics, avoiding all gadgets, gives way to conversations. These conversations provide an opportunity to interact with the child and for him/her to share things with parents.

Source: https://flintobox.com/blog/parenting/screen-addiction-harms

Grade 1

My set of children is one of the amazing group of children at Sproutz. They bubble up with energy even at the end of the day. They are always welcoming and prepared to learn more and await more challenges. Usually, kids of this age start developing interests, likes and dislikes. For example, some like music, some like sports, some show interest in language and some in Maths.But, my children have and show the same level of interest in all the activities and subjects. Each member of the class has a unique quality and all of them together make a beautiful bunch. Arjun is the taskmaster who controls and helps everyone. Aariz brings humour to the class with his innocent acts. Akhil, on the other hand, reminds me that these kids are still young and just came out of the preschool segment. Shloka is the cool and composed girl who mellows down the hyperactivity of the boys. Nisshok and Hetal are the ones who are constantly taking up the challenges and proving themselves to be one among the best.

Some of the activities that my grade 1 kids enjoyed the best are- making cheese sandwich by following the instructions, making the fungus garden, observing the life cycle of a butterfly and the field trip to zoo park. They can classify the animals just by observing the characteristics.

Playing with numbers (Math) is one of their most fascinating activity. Now they can say number bonds for numbers till 10 with ease. They can instantly add the numbers and understand the patterns and continue it.

My kids also enjoyed Dussehra celebration by playing Dandia, making a mango leaf toran, making a beautiful Batukamma using flowers.

I wish all the parents and kids a very happy Dussehra.


August and September are indeed the festive months. My kids had gala time in these months. It was a pleasure to see how kid’s eyes light up as they were enthralled by various festive celebrations. To channelize their curious energies, kids always turn to their beloved grandparents. Grandparents enjoy a special relationship with their grandchildren. To acknowledge this admirable bond, we celebrated Grandparents day. Children performed for their grandparents. The program was packed with fun and games that involved grandparents. It was a massive hit.

Infused with patriotism, we celebrated India’s 70th independence day on 15th August ,2017. Kids came in saffron, green and white colour dresses. They danced for various patriotic songs.

On 16th August, Janmashtami festival was celebrated with great zeal. I explained the significance of the festival. Beautifully decorated handi was hung in the school compound. And the fun element was when kids were trying to break that handi. The involvement of kids in the celebration at such a tender age was worth applauding. The day ended with kids enjoying having sweet porridge.

We celebrated kids’ favourite birthday, Ganesh Chaturthi by highlighting the significance and tradition of this festival. All my kids enjoyed making clay Ganesha and they were very excited to take their clay Ganesha home. Aaddhya asked, "ma’am, can we make a cake also, as it is Ganeshji’s birthday?" I just smiled on her innocence!

On the last working day of Dasshera, we celebrated Batukamma by arranging flowers and making torans with mango leaves. Kids enjoyed dancing with dandiya sticks.

Along with all these celebrations, we learnt a lot of concepts also! As a part of theme learning, kids learnt about family, good touch/bad touch, food-healthy/junk, health and hygiene, internal and external body parts, all five senses and animal senses. We went on a field trip to supermarket to relate to the theme-food and healthy habits. This trip was a sensorial treat for the kids as they touched, smelled and recognized fruits, vegetables and dairy products that they learnt about.

To foster good dental habits we visited a dental clinic. Kids were excited to get their dental checkup done and learnt about proper dental care.

In literacy, kids learned vowels and consonants. They grasped the concept of blending CVC(consonant vowel consonant) words with ease. Kids started reading and writing ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘I’-family words.

Numbers are doing magic on my kids. The main attraction of my class is different number games. Kids have learned various concepts of math like 10s and 1s, big/small numbers, ascending/descending order, number names by just having fun while playing.

I wish all parents happy Dusshera and enjoy holidays with your kids. Looking forward to more exciting time with my kids during the year ahead.

PP 1

Each day is a new exploration and each day gives me a new experience. Kids have an innate sense of wonder and curiosity and it is our responsibility to nurture their curiosity with joy and excitement. At Sproutz we try to create a lot of such experiences for our kids.

Here, we have glimpses of happenings that left the kids in awe and inspired them to explore more!

1.Pop Corn Making activity :

When I told children that we are going to make popcorn at school, they were very excited. I showed them the corn seeds and told them that we will be making popcorn out of these seeds. The kids were not sure on how it's possible at first. I could see questions on their faces. When I put the corn seeds in the pan, they got very quiet. I told them that they will be using their five senses to describe the experience with popcorn. I wanted them to focus on what they could hear and smell while the popcorn was cooking. They were very curious & excited to see the corn seeds popping and turning into popcorn. After all the popcorn popped they couldn’t hold their eagerness to share their experience. Each of them got a bowl of popcorn they touched it, looked at it and tasted it. Children enjoyed their bowl of popcorn during snack time.

2.Skeleton Making Activity:

Children were excited to make skeleton with earbuds after understanding that there are bones all over the body which give the body a shape. It was a fun and exciting way to get my kids involved in learning about bones. Children eagerly assembled earbuds to make it look like the model of the skeleton. While assembling, children were analyzing and comparing their own body bones and where they were located. It was an amazing learning process. By the end of the activity, children were amazed to know that we have lots of bones throughout our body.

3.Tracing body outlines:

Children enjoyed exploring how their own body outline would look like. Children loved tracing their friend's body outline on the floor. They realized that they can trace only the parts that were at the edge. They understood that they can't trace parts like eyes. As they prompted, I added eyes, ears, nose, mouth and dress to the outline to make it complete.

4.Supermarket pretend play:

During the pretend play activity, children enacted as vegetable sellers & buyers and interacted with each other. With minimal support, they could carry on the entire discussion.

It was an exciting scenario to see the children pretend as buyers taking carrots, apples, onion; putting things in a bag; going to the cash counter; asking for a bill and paying in cash (fake money) or card for their shopping.

Apart from the classroom activities, we also visited a real supermarket and a dental clinic which added to their learning experiences. Kids pushed and showcased their creative edge while performing for the Independence Day celebrations, making Ganesh idols with clay as a part of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations and arranging flowers in a beautiful pattern to make Batukamma for the Dussehra celebration.

Looking forward to many more beautiful experiences!

Nursery A

My little stars began the month of August by learning about personal hygiene and food.They really loved learning and exploring different types of food and related activities. During food theme, children loved making fruit salad, sieving the flour, mixing the dough, making rotis and sharing those with their friends. Some of the discussions that occurred during circle time included, “What is the importance of eating healthy food?” “What would happen if we eat junk food everyday?” and, “What would happen if we eat healthy food everyday?” During these discussions, Tiya said,”Kavya mam, if we eat junk food every day we will get tummy pain and our teeth will spoil. Then we have to go to the doctor and doctor will give us injection. So, we should eat junk food only sometimes.” Ruhi said,” We have to eat healthy food every day then, we will be very healthy and strong and mam you know, I eat healthy food every day. Only sometimes, I eat junk food whenever I go out with my mumma and papa.” Abhiram said, ”Mam I drink milk see healthy healthy bones. ” Aarush Varma said, ”Kavya mam, no Noodles junk food” Alaysha said, ”Mam my mumma eats sweets everyday mai mummako bolungi fruits khana hai.” Aditi said,”Mam Upama. Mummaa gave me Upama. It’s very healthy.” This is a just a glimpse of how my kids reflect on their learnings.

September month was filled with a lot of fun activities. During this month, our little butterflies had lots of fun doing different activities: Marking their attendance by colouring the circle which contains the date of the month; Lifecycle of a butterfly through hungry caterpillar story; puzzles and real-time experiences. They enjoyed watching caterpillars and chrysalis real time at school. We also learnt new letters, numbers and rhymes. In this month our main focus was on the letters ‘s’, ’a’ and ’t'. When I was revising letter ’t’, Akshhat brought a toy tiger and said, ”mam ttt ttt tiger”. During the recap of letter 's', Ruhi said, “Mam my dad’s name starts with letter ‘s’ ss sss suresh”.

I am happy to say that my kids and I are keeping each other busy and excited every day. Every day we are learning new concepts and new stories.

Nursery B

My little soldiers completed August month with plenty of excitement by exploring concepts related to food, healthy food, junk food.My kids were very happy making a fruit salad with their favourite fruits. They loved the roti making session where they enjoyed sieving the flour, mixing the dough, making rotis and sharing those with their friends. During circle time, we discussed different kinds of healthy and junk food, kids were asked some questions “What is the importance of eating healthy food?”, “What would happen if we eat junk food everyday?” and, “What would happen if we eat healthy food everyday?”.Here are the beautiful explanations by our kids- Keshav said, ”Mam I ate chocolate and I got tummy pain”. Yasaswi said, “Mam chocolate is bad, I will not eat.”. During free play, Avyaan was playing in the pretend playroom. He took a stethoscope and started pretending as a doctor. One child started pretending as a patient and said I am getting stomach pain. Then Avyaan checked him and said, ”You ate chocolate, ice cream, pizza. No eating.“ Kids make connections of all these things easily. They reinforce the concepts themselves. I want to share the most exciting thing that happened in our class. One day, we read the very hungry caterpillar story and talked about the transformation of a caterpillar to butterfly. Kids loved it and later during free play, our kids made some structure with blocks and they started putting all the real fruits, vegetable inside it. When I asked them why they were doing that, they replied saying, “mam this is a cocoon. Caterpillar is hungry. It will eat and sleep in the cocoon and it will become butterfly.” I was amazed by their imagination and skill. Apart from these, we discussed body parts, sense organs and their functions. Kids learnt different senses through fun games. Kids were introduced to sink/float experiment. They tested different materials and analyzed which ones will sink and which ones will float.

During September, our kids had lots of fun doing different activities.They enjoyed watching caterpillars and chrysalis, birds, and bird nests. We also learnt new letters, numbers and rhymes. In this month, our main focus was on the letters ‘s’,’a’ and ’t’. When we were reading story books, Anahat came to me and the showed letter ‘a’ and said, "mam, see here. So many small ‘a ‘ ". We had been focusing a lot on beginning sounds to make sure that all kids get it. So ,one day Bhomik picked up a storybook and said, “mam bbb book”.

As a teacher, it is always a great pleasure to watch my kids progress and listen to their innocent yet intelligent conversations.


August and September months were full of happiness, fun and excitement for the kids. All of them got settled and are enjoying all the activities that are conducted in the school. Kids who are coming to school on time are enjoying free play. They are exploring different materials set up in different corners. Kids started socializing with their friends and are now mingling very well. They started listening to and following the class instructions. They love to listen to stories and are also trying to narrate the story.

The theme for August and September was health, hygiene, body parts and senses. Kids understood the importance of healthy habits like combing hair regularly, brushing teeth, washing hands and the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. They enjoyed different activities like washing hands following 8 steps. They enjoyed listening to gingerbread man’s story followed by making a gingerbread man. Kids enjoyed having it too. For body parts theme- they enjoyed doing actions from the book, “Eric Carle- from head to toe”. They enjoyed playing a “ baby game”, to touch different body parts. For senses theme, they enjoyed smelling different objects like ginger, garlic, onion, cinnamon etc. They enjoyed tasting different tastes- sweet, sour and salt.

August and September were the months for festivals and celebrations. We celebrated festivals like Krishnastami, Ganeshchaturthi and Bathukamma. All the children looked cute in ethnic wear and enjoyed all the celebrations.


My kids are growing very fast each day. They are excited to go to play group and play with the kids there. They are very welcoming and wish every body who comes into our room in their own styles. Mithran tries to talk to every one and goes non stop. Mithuna gives a very cute smile and invites people to play with her. Riyansh and Loukya are happily settled with Maya ma'am in the playgroup room. They occasionally peep into their old room and make me happy with their hugs and smiles. Tej has settled very well and has got very much attached to me and Padma aunty.

Each day is a great day for me with my kids.

When "tradition" meets "modern" / Golu meets makerspace (Dussehra Camp)

Dussehra is a time when we see Golus ( Bommala Koluvu) being arranged in several houses. We are awestruck and inspired by the most amazing Golus that are displayed across India and abroad. Some traditional Golus set-up with idols of various deities that had been passed down the generations and some modern Golus that even make room for action figures like Spiderman or a Pokemon. Regardless, these Golus give us an opportunity for us to be imaginative and create something of 'value'. This indeed is the true essence of any makerspace. So, we used our Dussehra Camp to accomplish just that. We narrated the story behind Bommala Koluvu (Golu) to our kids and showed them videos of various traditional and modern bommala koluvus. Inspired by these, our kids across all ages (3 years to 8 years) formed into 3 teams to create a "themed-display" of their choice. So, kids were given a free choice in selecting what they want to make and what elements they want to have in their display. Although our teachers initially had jitters going into this activity not knowing what the kids are going to come up with, they had lots of fun along with the kids as they came up with the themed displays! Everyone enjoyed the entire process. They planned, they imagined, they sketched, they tried, they made, they failed, they made again and finally succeeded. Best of all, they enjoyed the whole process and the feeling of accomplishment is priceless. Our slightly older kids had a taste of "working with 3-year-old non-conforming teammates" and they grew leaps and bounds in the past 10 days! Here are the 3 displays :

1. Zoo

2. Airport with mountains in the backdrop

3. Panchavati

More photos can be found here

Highlights of the month

Janmastami celebration

Our eyes sparkled with the amusement to see our youngest lot- the toddler and playgroup kids - dressed up as little Radhas and Krishnas. The little ones were seen admiring their friends' and their own attire. They rhythmically moved their bodies for the song ‘Kishna re’ . They proudly and confidently walked down the ramp showcasing their beautiful costumes. We could hardly match their proactiveness and enthusiasm when it came to breaking the matka ( brightly coloured and decorated pot). They jumped high and high to reach the pot and used all their energy to break it. Another fun event that signifies Janmastami -- churning buttermilk to extract cream -- was also a major hit. Kids enjoyed churning and almost all the kids liked the taste of butter. With the butter in their hands and on their mouths the little ones truly looked like little Krishnas.

Make and take Ganesha

It is a regular practice every year here at Sproutz to promote eco-friendly Ganesha. Even this year, we conducted the 'make and take clay Ganesha' event at school. Our kids showed their craftsmanship and creativity in making clay Ganesh idols with their little hands. We are proud to say that even the 2-year-olds were independent enough to make Ganesha idols in their own style.

Independence day celebrations

Patriotism, love and respect towards the mother land can only be imbibed in the childhood by the schools. During the week of Independence day we narrated the stories of Indian History, talked about the national flag and sung national anthem. On the Independence day our kids of Nursery, PP1, PP2 and grade 1 mesmerized us with their dance performances. Arjun and Hetal of grade 1 spoke about our responsibilities towards taking care and respecting the mother nation.

Teachers appreciation week

Even though teachers enjoy the appreciation, respect and applause from the children and the parent community in different ways all through the year, Teachers’ day is a special day every teacher wishes to celebrate. We, the teachers at Sproutz, are lucky to have not just a day, but a week -- ‘The Teachers' Appreciation Week’. Our heartful thanks to all the parents for bestowing us with roses, cards, those little goodies and finally with a scrumptious breakfast. Our special thanks to Ms Srujana (M/O Akhil), Ms Pooja (M/O Akshhat) and Ms Priyanka (M/O Aadhya) for engaging the kids while we enjoyed the delicious food.

Dussehra celebration

Along with knowing the stories behind celebration Dussehara, kids also had a dose of the Indian culture by making beautiful Batukammas using different coloured flowers. They made toran using mango leaves and loved playing Dandia. These celebrations at school will keep kids connected to our Indian culture and tradition. All kids looked beautiful in traditional attire and enthusiastically participated in the celebrations.

Experiential learning

Learning will not be complete without getting first-hand experiences. We always look forward and try to provide as many experiences as possible to our kids to make their learning more concrete.

During the months of August and September, kids had many such experiences.

Kids of grade 1 went to botanical garden and zoo to observe different types of plants and different classes of animals.

All the kids from Nursery to PP2 had a trip to a nearby supermarket to check on different foods available there. Nursery and PP1 kid's main focus was on sorting out healthy and junk food and pretending to buy things using fake money. PP2 kids main focus was on observing foods which belong to different food groups.

All the kids had a great experience visiting the dental clinic. The dentist explained about the cavities and the ways to keep their teeth healthy. She also showed them the tools used for the dental checkup. All our kids also had a dental checkup. Now they all keep talking about what will/ are they are doing to keep their teeth clean and cavity free.

The most amazing experience kids had at school is to observe a bird's nest, eggs in the nest and the baby birds. We never thought that we were this close to nature! It was worth watching how gently they went near the nest and peeped into the nest to check the eggs and later the birds. Even the high-strung kids were also trying to be as gentle as possible and were giving instructions to others to be careful. Whoever thinks that hyperactive kids can never be careful and responsible should think again. They DO know how to be careful and responsible when needed.

Another exciting experience we had was to observe the life cycle of a butterfly/moth. We created a semi-natural environment for some caterpillars we found on the plants at school. Kids never missed out even a day to observe the caterpillars feed, grow, change their colour and finally turning into a chrysalis. Kids are excited to see the butterfly coming out from the pupa. Few of the moths (not butterfly) came out of the chrysalis. It's amazing to see these "military-styled moths". I never saw anything like this before. I wish the other moths will wait for another week before they hatch so that, kids get to watch them.:)

Teachers training teachers

We have an amazing set of lovely teachers who are always ready to learn as well as share their knowledge. During the months of August and September, we had ELDP ( English language development program), a session on open-ended questions, a session on process art, a session to learn new rhymes, and finally, a session on storytelling by Deepa Kiran, a renowned trainer. Our teachers enjoy these sessions too. See for yourself .....

Upcoming events

Diwali holidays for school- 19th and 20th October

Diwali holiday for daycare- 19th October

Travel down the time line (A family fun day) – 28th October

Sports day for kids- 14th November

Student led conference- 18th November

Sproutz wishes you all a very happy DUSSEHRA