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August 29th, 2020

Dear Bryant Families~

As we continue to build instruction for the coming year, adaptations are continually presenting us with new challenges. The Bryant Staff has been hard at work and will be ready to knock it out of the park in the coming weeks! J Please do not rush through this message. Find time with your family to review this newsletter in its entirety. There is a lot of new information as of today. Please understand planning for future events is unbelievably tricky right now, yet we will always keep you updated as we receive guidance.

Description of Phase 1

We will be starting the school year with Phase 1. In-person students will attend AA or BB days. (Mon & Tues or Thurs. & Fri). There will not be any students at school on Wednesdays. All students will access digital learning each Wednesday. In-person students will have digital learning engagement on the days they are not in school. Students choosing all-remote will be expected to have daily digital engagement. The DLI (digital learning) schedule will be discussed with your child's teacher in the coming week. See below for more information on DLI.

Parent/Teacher/Student Meetings- August 31st-September 4th

There will be 1-hour Instructional Parent Teacher Conference at Bryant, in-person (unless accommodations are needed), the week of August 31st. We will try to condense the time frame and combine conference blocks for families with siblings. This is not an open house. I am asking that you stay in the area of your child’s current classroom teacher. I know how much fun it is for families to be able to go back and visit with last year’s teacher, but I’m asking you to pause on that for now. We must stagger all conferences so that we are following the current safety guidelines.

During these conferences, you will see our main purpose right now is to help your family become more comfortable and gain emotional connectiveness during this reunion at Bryant. I would like to get 100% participation, even with our Digital Learning students. I understand there may be some conflicts or medical concerns, so please work back with your child’s teacher on conference options. It is important you have the information that will be presented. At this conference you will understand the when of instruction for our all-remote (Digital Learning Initiative) and in-person/remote children. It is important that at least one member of the all-remote students attend so that we are able to hand out materials.If you have a district chromebook, we ask that you bring it with you to the conference. We are working on collecting technology to redistribute to families.

DLI (Digital Learning) Students

I am urging all DLI students to stay all-remote at this point. If you are considering bringing your child back into the in-person environment, you will need to set up a meeting with me to discuss options. Please understand your DLI teacher ONLY does DLI, and our in-person/partial remote teachers ONLY do in-person/partial remote. After we have staffed teachers and scheduled students, we are very full with one of the largest enrollments we have seen in several years. While it is something that we can plan and discuss, we have several moving parts to have in place before students can move between models. It is also important to know, moving between the two models could possibly be a change in teacher and will be a challenge to balance class seats. Several of you have had conversations with me about bringing back students or switching to remote throughout the year and know that I will do my best to accommodate the needs of our students.


Calendar Next Two Weeks:

Week of August 31st:

In-Person Instructional Parent Teacher Conferences all week at Bryant. (Students and parent(s) visit for one hour. Please try to limit those who attend to parents (or guardians) and Bryant students).

Week of August 7th: Daily Schedule in-person:

No School Monday, Sept. 7 (Labor Day).

Students in session AA (Tuesday & Wednesday-this week only),

Studnets in session BB (Thursday & Friday).

Following this short week, the schedule will be AA (Monday & Tuesday), no students Wednesday, BB (Thursday & Friday).

Hot and Cold Lunch:

All in-person students will be eating both breakfast and lunch in their classroom this year. You can still choose to bring a lunch from home. Breakfast will not be served before school but will be served after the morning bell at 8:45. More information on how food service will work for both in-person students and DLI students will be coming soon!

Daily Schedule for In-Person Instruction:

Students will be in school from 8:45-2:20 on their assigned days.

Masks, School Families, Playground Zones, Drop-Off/Pick-Up:

Bryant has created 6 school families. At Bryant, each grade level is a family. These family groups are to help us keep numbers below 50 humans so that we are able to contact trace.

I cannot stress enough that every parent is now part of this family. I have high expectations that you will model healthy and safe precautions when you come to campus. This means that while on this campus you absolutely must wear a mask whether you are outside or inside. Our collective efforts will help remind the kids that we are all in this together. My staff and I are following these directives. It is the expectation that anyone who is on school property follow this rule as well. I will have disposable masks for you to keep and to put in your vehicle for pick-up and drop off, if needed. Please help us avoid difficult situations surrounding the mask directive.

Playground Family Zones:

You will always drop off and pick up at your family zone on the playground. During parent teacher conferences, the week of the 31st, you will meet your child’s teacher at your designated entrance. Zones will explained by classroom teachers during your meetings next week.

Drive by pick-ups will not happen this year. We will need you to walk to the zone to pick-up your child/children. Remember we will only have half the students, AA/BB. Parking will be a little better, not great, just better. Please no early drop-offs. Supervision in the zones will not begin until 8:00 A.M. Kids will need to stay in their zone and will not be able to go in before school for breakfast. Please try and develop a schedule as close to an 8:45 drop-off as possible due to the restricted space for students. The same goes for dismissal. Parents need to pick up students as close to 2:20 as possible. Paras will only be supervising the playground until 2:40 this school year.

Digital Learning Families:

We are looking forward to supporting your child/ren digitally. Your child has been assigned a Digital Learning teacher. Your child’s Digital Learning teacher will call you within the next few days regarding a time to meet to prepare for a Digital Learning environment during the week of August 31- September 4th.

During the summer, an Instructional Committee comprised of K-5 teacher’s and administrators worked to design thoughtful and engaging standards-based lessons that can be easily accessible for in-person or digital learning. Your child’s Digital Learning teacher will share weekly lessons and set up designated whole group, small group, and/or 1:1 instruction time to ensure your child’s academic and social emotional learning needs are being met.

Digital Learning and the Remote Learning (what we navigated last spring) are not the same. Your child’s teacher is looking forward to connecting and supporting your child in this new and evolving educational environment. Our goal for all students, across all learning environments, is to feel connected, supported, and engaged in their schooling environment. In conjunction with your child’s teacher you will work together to determine how to best support your child’s academic learning needs.

The expectation for students and teacher’s is that they connect at a minimum of 2x daily. Once for a social and emotional connection and once for an academic connection. This is a minimum requirement: your child may be asked to participate more throughout the day. When you meet with your child’s teacher you will review and discuss Digital Learning meeting times.

Know that your communication and participation is vital to your child’s success in a Digital Learning environment. All digital teachers are committed to making these connections and lessons meaningful and accessible to families with differing schedules.

Big picture
We are so excited to see all our kids again and connect with them! We have been planning all summer and are excited to see our plan in action. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out! Thank you!

Mrs. Klock

Bryant Principal