The Amazing Facts of Henry Ford

By; David Graves and Emma Wolfenberger

Early Life

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 in Greenfield Township, Michigan. His mother's parents died when she was a young girl. Henry was the youngest of all four siblings. At 15, Henry could disassemble and reassemble a watch, giving me the opportunity to be a watch repairman. His mother died in 1876, when he was only 13. Henry's father wanted him to take over the family farm, although he never actually liked the farm. It's his mom on the farm he liked. Henry left home in 1879 to work in Detroit. He came home in 1882, where he started working frequently at Westinghouse.
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Important Inventions

The most important invention Henry Ford made was the Model T assembly line. He made the assembly line to make the transition of making anything easier that will be purchased. The assembly line was invented while he was making his Model T cars. He found an easier and faster way to make Model T cars. This was probably an easy process for Mr. Ford to come up with the idea.

His Three Greatest Accomplishments

One of Henry's greatest accomplishments was creating the assembly line. Because of the assembly line, many companies now have a more effective and faster way of creating items. A second accomplishment was that he created the Model A Ford, changing transportation for the better. Lastly, Henry Ford made a change in the way people thought about cars. He showed them that you can drive across the U.S. in under a month, without getting seriously injured.

The Impact

If Henry Ford hadn't invented the assembly line, products would be made slower, causing mad bursts throughout the world upon waiting for goods. If he hadn't gone across the country to show cars could be of more transportation, people would still be walking long distances and using carriages to get places. Without the Model A Ford and the assembly line, David and I wouldn't be able to drive places to get the things that we need.

Additional Information

  • Henry Ford was friends with Thomas Edison.
  • Henry Ford raised a total of 188.1 billion dollars.
  • Henry died at age 83, on April 7th, 1947.
  • He built the Model A Ford car with his son.
  • He bought an airplane company.
  • He was a peaceful man, and didn't like when America got involved in World War 1 and 2.
  • He is in the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.
  • He didn't like smoking, and wrote a book about the bad contributions.
  • There is a history museum about him called, "The Henry Ford."


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