The Colonist Won!

The American Colonists beat the British in the revolution.

How did they win?

I know you are wondering "How did the weak colonists beat the biggest army in the world?" Well they won because they had lots of help.

One reason they won was because of their great leader, General George Washington. He was one of the few colonists with any military background to he was maybe the only man for the job, but he did a real good one. The biggest reason they won was because of George's strategic plans. He was the one that said that they didn't need to beat the British, they just couldn't lose. This means that they just had to tire the British enough to make the surrender.

Another reason the Americans won the revolution was that they got help from the French. The French came to help because the colonists were the only people that hated King George more than the French, and because he had beat them in the French and Indian war the French really wanted to watch Great Britain fall. The French made the colonist bigger, stronger, and made them look better.

The final reason they won was their patriotism. They loved their country so much that they would do anything to make sure it was safe. Many men gave up their lives to assure our freedom from British rule.

As you can see the colonists really did deserve to win the Revolutionary War. The used their outstanding leader George Washington, the help from the French army, and their deep, deep love for their country.

Other countries around the world are noticing the colonists victory.

How did the outcome of the Revolutionary War affect other countries around the world?

Have you ever heard of the musical Les Miserables? Well it took place during the French Revolution which happened because of the American Revolution. When the French heard that the Americans had taken down the biggest military country in the world the French were inspired to take down their own horrible government.

Also in another country the American Revolution helped the people of South America decide to take charge and kick the Europeans out and to finally have a fair government like America.