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December 11, 2015

Winter (break) is coming.

This flyer contains:

  • Announcement: Brave Theatre Instagram
  • Classroom updates: 6th grade design and 5th grade Peter Pan
  • Our last BCI in the House date before 2016
  • Popcorn Tribe: December
  • Huzzah Tribe performance

Brave Theatre Instagram: @bcibravetheatre

I'm taking a leaf out of Ms. Todd's book and starting an Instagram account for Brave Theatre. The handle is @bcibravetheatre.

This is a public account (meaning anyone can follow it), but I will NOT "follow" your students. This means there can be no private messaging on this account--any comments I or your students make will be public as well.

I would like to use this platform to engage students, receive feedback from them, share a little about my life, and teach proper online etiquette.

Sixth Grade Classes

Scene Design

  • This week, we are working on designing backgrounds for hypothetical shows (see photos below!

Costume Week

  • Next week is Costume Week!
  • For our costume design unit, students are to create a "Disneybound" costume (see example below) and wear it to school. A Disneybound costume is a costume made up of regular clothes from their closet (not a Halloween costume; no purchases are expected) that represent a character from a TV show, book, or movie.
  • These can be as simple as wearing all black and being Batman or as complex as the photo of myself that I have attached.
  • All they need to do is wear it to school one day next week! Dress code applies, but if they have a perfect hat, they may wear it in my class ONLY.

Field Trip

THANK YOU to our chaperons for the field trip! We had a great time! See photo below!

Musical Announcement

Ms. Bucklew and I will post results for the musical by next Friday. We are still interviewing students for crew positions. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your students audition!

Scene Designs

Yes, I know they are sideways...this program rotates pictures automatically, and I can't figure out how to change it!
Big image
Big image

Disneybound Example

Big image

Field Trip!

Big image

Fifth Grade Classes

Peter Pan!

We have been hard at work on Peter Pan--we finished Act One this week!

  • Research--we used stations to discover some background information about the play and the playwright
  • Tableaux--we formed a still picture from Act 1, Scene 1 of Peter Pan (see photo below)
  • Mirrors--we practiced being Peter Pan's shadow
  • Video--we discussed flight onstage and watched some examples!

Big image

Huzzah Tribe

Huzzah Tribe had a wonderful performance! Thank you for being part of the tribe, and look for information about the spring tribe after winter break!

See photos of our outstanding actors below!

BCI in the House

Something NEW: Use hashtag #BCIintheHouse on Facebook or Instagram to share pictures of movies or plays you go see, even if you don't go with us!

Thanks for being in the house!


  • This is not required or expected--for fun only!
  • Guardians are responsible for their students PLUS the cost of admission. This is NOT a school-sponsored activity and no chaperons will be provided.
  • Content: Please be aware that some content may be geared towards older students. It is up to you to research each production to ensure you are comfortable with what your child will see.

Last play of 2015:

TONIGHT! Guys and Dolls. Timber Creek High School. 7:00pm.

Big image

Guys and Dolls

Friday, Dec. 11th, 7pm

12350 Timberland Boulevard

Fort Worth, TX

BCI in the House

Location: Timber Creek High School

Tickets: $10 Students & $12 Adults

A new winter opportunity:

Big image

The Good Dinosaur, 11/29

Big image

The Lion King, Jr. 12/5

Big image

Mary Poppins, 12/7

Big image

Popcorn Tribe

Star Wars on Monday!!

We respectfully request that you be on time to pick up your students.

Please remember you must meet our behavior expectations to remain in Popcorn Tribe.

Next meeting:

December 14th, 2:45-5:30.

Star Wars: A New Hope

Big image

May the force be with you.