A Midsummer Nights Dream

Act 3, Scene 2, Lines 345 - 404 & Lines 448 - 463

Act 5, Scene 1, Lines 413 - 418


In our scene Oberon is telling Puck how to fix the mistake he made with the love potion. Puck then goes and does as he is told. He tricks Lysander and Demetrius into trying to find each other until they are to tired to hurt each other. He then puts the antidote on Lysander to release him from the spell, causing him to fall back in love with Hermia and Demetrius to stay in love with Helena.

The Most Important Quote

"Shall seem a dream and fruitless vision, and back to Athens shall the lovers wend." This means that what happened while Lysander was under the curse will only seem like a dream, and Hermia and Lysander will go back Athens and love in peace. This is important because within these two lines, Shakespeare was able to sum up the whole scene. In this quote it is said that the fairies are trying to reverse the spell and cause it to be a dream so that the two original lovers can go on with their lives in peace.

Demetrius Character Analysis

Demetrius is my character. Demetrius is significant to this play because without Demetrius Oberon wouldn't have felt bad for Hermia, the girl that loves Demetrius but he doesn't reciprocate the feelings, and attempted to put the love potion on his eyes so he would love Hermia. The whole plot would be different because the love potion wouldn't even had been needed and the conflict wouldn't have occurred. The conflict this character is having is that he is in love with Helena and she is in love with Lysander. Lysander and Helena go run away into the forest so they can elope but Demetrius doesn't want that to happen so he runs into the forest to stop it. The character trait that is affecting the plot is that he is Jealous. If he wasn't so jealous towards Helena and Lysander's love he wouldn't have followed the lovers into the forest and created the huge conflict plot.

Oberon Character Analysis

Oberon is the fairy king who takes pity on Helena in this story. He is important because he is the one who tells Puck to cast the spell, and he's the one who gave Puck the ingredients for the potion. The conflict he is encountering however, is the fact that Puck ended up putting the potion on both Lysander and Demetrius' eyes, which means that he needs to come up with a way to undo the curse on one of them. The trait that affects this conflict is his caring heart. If Oberon hadn't felt so bad for Helena he wouldn't have asked Puck to put the potion on in the first place. And if he hadn't felt that the two boys shouldn't hurt each other over a simple mistake, both boys would probably be to stubborn to give up Helena and end up dead.

Puck Character Analysis

Puck is the fairy that is tasked with keeping Demetrius and Lysander from fighting, as well as undoing the love spell on Lysander. The conflict he encounters is the fact that Lysander and Demetrius are trying to kill each other. The trait that affects this conflict is his obedient trait, because he is following Oberon"s commands and trying to stop them.

Lysander Character Analysis

Lysander affects the plot by falling in love with Helena, who already has a boyfriend. The conflict he encounters is that he is the victim of a love potion and falls in love with someone other than his girlfriend. The trait of Lysander that is affecting the conflict is love, because he is in love with Helena and Hermia gets jealous.