B&N Nook HD Tablet

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Getting to know the Nook HD

The Nook HD is a tablet with reading at its center. The Nook HD, with web-browsing capabilities, email and connection to Google Play make this a nice low price point option for libraries in a budget.

  • Starting price $129.00
  • Average title cost $9.00.
The Nook is one of the best reading experiences and that is the core of this technology. However, the Nook can be integrated into the classroom for additional educational content.
  • With Google Play, there are hundreds of educational apps.
  • There are millions of books, fiction, nonfiction, textbooks, study aids to choose from.
  • The Nook offers comic books and magazines as well.
  • The Nook offers Kids Read & Play , interactive books with animation, music and narration.
  • In addition, there are Read to Me books with narration, highlighting the words as they are read.
  • As a little tip, B&N offers online story time with video of picture books with music.

Nook the All-In-One Choice

What's so great anyway?

Features of the Nook
  • Millions of books to choose from
  • Supports ePub, Overdrive, pdf., PagePerfect & CBZ formats
  • Weighs only 11 ounces, making it lightweight for small children.
  • Email & Web Browsing

  • Seamless access to YouTube™, Google Pay, Google Maps™ & Gmail™

  • Android Operating System

  • Free Cloud Storage

  • Sample Books for Free

  • External Storage with SD card

  • Parental Controls & Multiple Profiles

  • Comes in 8GB & 16GB
Nook HD Review
The video link above is a short video review of the B&N Nook. The one issue to note is that shortly after this review, Google Play was added to the Nook and is currently available.

What should I watch out for?

  • Remember, only one user per title at a time and content cannot be shared with a student's personal device.
  • You will have to catalog both the device and titles.
  • B&N eBooks tend to be more expensive than others, so you need to shop around. You could purchase it cheaper from an Overdrive subscription, but you may loose your content if you discontinue services.
  • This is not a metal case like the iPad, it is light because the Nook is plastic, so watch for breakage issues.
  • Always make sure that any personal data, notes, highlights, etc are backed up to the cloud or SD card. If the Nook stalls on boot up, only a factory reset will restore the device.