Mobile Learning Apps for K-12

Journal Jar

WHAT IS IT: Journal jar is an app for Apple and Android devices that produces writing prompts for kids once it has been shaken.

HOW IT CAN BE USED IN A K-12 Setting: Students could be asked to shake the app and write a journal entry based upon the prompt given. This activity could be 5-10 minutes in length and used everyday to strengthen writing skills and creative thinking. It also could be used to generate prompts for students struggling to come up with their own ideas in a creative writing setting.

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WHAT IS IT: DuoLingo is an app that helps with learning languages at any level. Some of the languages offered are French, Welsh, Spanish, Irish, and German + MANY MORE. It teaches the basics and also includes fun activities as well for students to be engaged in

HOW IT CAN BE USED IN A K-12 SETTING: DuoLingo can be used to help students learn a second language and aid in for individualized learning. It can be personalized and is flexible to each individual learner. It can be used in a k-12 setting by being a supplement for second language learners.

Duolingo: The Best Way to Learn a Language


WHAT IS IT: Zeus VS. Monsters is an app for Android that helps kids with their Basic math skills like addition, substitution, multiplication and division. It combines math with Greek mythology so students can always be interested and engaged.

HOW IT CAN BE USED IN A K-12 SETTING: This app can be used during free time or down time for students to practice math while playing a fun and interesting game. It can used once a student has completed other work and needs something to do. This game can also be used to promote math skills and for students who need extra practice.

Zeus vs. Monsters - Math Game
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WHAT IS IT: DOGO News is an app that contains many current events and news articles suitable and appropriate for elementary students. It has many categories like: Social Studies, Science, Sports, Green, and WORLD

HOW IT CAN BE USED IN A K-12 SETTING: By using a teacher account, teachers could select articles each week, and provide discussion questions for students to think, debate, and respond to. Monthly, students could select an article of their choosing, research it further, answer why they choose the article and respond in a report, video, audio book or presentation. Teachers could also enhance interdisciplinary and understanding between subjects by asking students to read and respond to a science article while applying their science knowledge to their writing.


This is a link to the DOGO News site


WHAT IS IT: Math Quiz is an app for android that allows students to play a game while practicing their math skills. In includes integers, decimals and fractions.

HOW IT CAN BE USED IN A K-12 SETTING: Students who are struggling with math or a certain area of math could play the game while simultaneously learning basic math. It can be used by students who have extra time as well. It always students to get lots of math practice in a fun setting.

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