The exploration of America

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By: Callan Coolidge


One of the most important colonies took place on unknown land, in Virgina. Jamestown was founded by the Virgina company in 1607. Virgina's landscape was very bumpy in 1607. When they arrived they built the area on a peninsula because it was easy to defend. Jamestown was a very important settlement.

Starting Out

Starting Out

The English men and boys went on three ships, Godspeed, Discovery and Suasan Constant. They went there in 1606. The reason why the men went to Jamestown was for Gold and to find a safe water route to and from England. The ride was hard boys and men died on the voyage. 101 men survived the ride and 4boy survived. The ride to Jamestown was challenging and hard.


The main fort in Jamestown was James Fort. It surrounded all of Jamestown . The farmers had to have their crops grown outside the fort. The fort had tall walls to defend the town from Indian tribes. On the walls cannons were mounted for protection. They set the Fort up in a triangle like formation because at the points they had tall cabins for guards that spent the night and more protection. The James Fort was a large part of protection for Jamestown.


Survival was not easy in Jamestown. It was hard to survive because they were not finding riches. Eating was hard as well because you had to hunt for food. The fort was the main protection. It was very hard to survive in Jamestown.

Concluding Paragraph

Jamestown was a unique colony. Jamestown was important because it was the first colony established. Its cash crop was tobacco. To survive you had to work very hard. Jamestown was a very important place at the time. "He who shall not work shall not eat."