Vote For Vespasian!

A New Vision for the People of Rome

Main Goals

*Restore the peace and stability

*Restore Rome's army

*Restore Rome's finances

*Restore law, order and self respect to Rome

A Good Man

*A very likable person

*Will never punish an innocent man

*Shows his kindness

*Has many friends and supporters

Leadership Style

*Will not purposefully kill someone unless necessary by law or crime is committed

*Strong military leader; was former soldier

*Strong political leader, believes in restoring Rome's finances

*Will keep tight reign appointments

*Will use money for roads and public works in every province

Who else Loves Vespasian?

*Is well respected by the Senate

*Well respected by the soldiers

*Well respected by friends

*Has many supporters in the military and in political groups


Madi Turner and Christina Novak