Theme Statement

Writing a Theme Statement

What is a Theme?

  • A Theme is a central message of a literary work .
  • Is the idea the author wants to covey about a subject
  • Expressed as a sentence or general statement about life or human nature
  • There can be more than one theme

What is NOT considered a Theme?

  • NOT a moral, a directive, or an order why? Because they tell us what to do .
  • NOT trite sayings (ex:Loves speaks louder than words)
  • DO NOT Refer to specif names or places or events in a literary piece
  • NOT just one word (ex: all, none or everything)

What is a Theme Statement?

A Theme Statement is a topic sentence tells you what your going to write about .
  • Example of Theme Statement : " Wrong thoughts can lead to revenge ."
  • Try to avoid a Theme Statement such as ; " It's wrong to gossip about people."

How To Write A Theme Statement ?

  1. Read and Analyze the passage
  2. Identify some main big ideas (at least 3)
  3. after combining big ideas where they are needed and are appropriate, write a complete sentence saying what the author conveying about each of the Big Ideas
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Do's and Don'ts When Writing a Theme Statement.


  • general insight from a characters behaviour
  • express theme in own words
  • express theme as a general comment

  • express the theme as a subject or topic
  • express theme as a moral
  • refer to specific characters