People & Culture

Current Facts

Population is 127.3 million

Ethnic Groups: 98.5% of the population is Japanese, Korean 0.5%, Chinese 0.4%, other 0.6%

Languages: The official language is Japanese

Religion: Shinto and Buddhism are Japan's two major religions

Literacy Rate: 99%

Important health statistics: The average life expectancy is 83 years. The birth rate is 1.41 births per woman. The death rate is 10 per 1,000 people. These statistics play apart of the population and culture of the country.

Daily Life & Cuisine

Clothing: a typical type of clothing the Japanese wear is kimonos, a long dress with large sleeves and reach from the shoulders to the heels and are tied with a belt called an obi. Nowadays this clothing is usually only worn on special events and ceremonies ever since western influence has been big for Japan.

Jobs: some popular and typical jobs in Japan are being a fisherman, teacher, engineering, and being a chef

Transportation: One of the best ways to travel in Japan is by bullet trains which are high speed trains.

Education: The basic school system in Japan is composed of elementary school 6 years, middle school 3 years, high school for 3 years, and university for 4 years.

Housing: a Traditional house in Japan is made from wood. Western influence has also been big on Japan's housing more people are living in western-style homes with wooden flooring and are often constructed with steel pillars

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