Phoenix Coyotes

Let the sunshine in

Team info


-Country U.S.

-State Arizona

- City Phoenix

- Longitude and Latitude 33.4500 N, 112.0667 W

- Region North America

Languages spoken English

Interesting facts - Region

- The only place in the U.S. where 4 states meet in a single point. Known as 4 corners.

- Parts of the south west belong to Mexico

- Was once a ripe area for gold

Physical features

- Open spaces - desert

- Grand Canyon

- Hot and arid

Team mascot info


Nickname-Desert dogs

Relationship between the region and mascot/nickname-wide open spaces with coyotes in it.


Team established in 1972

The founder -Don Maloney

why did they choose their location-because they moved there

does the math connect to the history of the region and how-because the desert has coyotes in it


what is the name of the stadium or arena? arena

Has this stadium ever had another name if so what is it- Glendale arena

more stadiums named after major businesses instead of individuals. why has there shift in naming of Stadiums-hey the stadiums to do it