Ms. Erickson's Classroom Snippet

Take a Peek into our Week!

September 8- 11

This week we are learning and enjoying...

Math: This week we will begin our place value unit. We will use concrete & picture models to compose and decompose numbers up to 99. We will learn to write numbers to 99 using standard, written, and expanded form. We will compare and order numbers, as well as, locate the position of a 2 digit numeral on a number line.

Reading: We will continue to make connections from our reading to our lives. We will discuss deep, thoughtful connections as well as connections that might distract us from the deeper meaning of the text.

Writing: This week we focus on the picture portion of our writing. We will read books that are wordless and discuss how the author was able to “write” such a detailed story without the use of words. Then we will try to tell our own stories using pictures that are already drawn.

Science & Social Studies:

This week we will take a look at famous historical figures who have portrayed specific citizenship traits that influenced our history, and the way we live today. We will connect how their citizenship has influenced our lives now.

Planners (White Binders)

Inside your child's backpack is a white binder. This is your child's "planner" to assist them in getting organized for the school year. It will come home every evening and it needs to be returned every morning. Inside the planner is a front pocket that reads "Papers to be Kept at home". Please take those paper out because they are now for your records. Please have your child show you their "Planner Message"

After taking out the papers and reviewing the planner message, please write your initials on the little box labeled "PI" (Parent Initials)

If your child has a star in the box labeled TI that means they have a great day of learning and they made good choices with their behavior. Please applaud a job well done.

Thank you for your help to ensure that the planners make it back to school every morning.

Back to School Curriculum Night

Thank you to everyone for attending our Back to School Curriculum Night. I appreciate you taking the time away from your busy schedules to visit with me about the routines and procedures of our classroom. If you were unable to join us, I am attaching the powerpoint to both this newsletter and my website. If you have any questions, please email me or call. I look forward to talking with you to clarify.

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Message from Coach Burns and Coach Osteen

For news, updates and information regarding the Physical Education here at Sommer, please follow the Coaches on Twitter. Follow @ SommerPhysEd

Just a Reminder: Ms. Erickson's Class goes to PE on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1:45-2:40 pm.

Upcoming Events

Here are the upcoming events on our campus...

Sept. 7 Labor Day Holiday - I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

Sept. 10 6 PM PTA Sponsored Club Night: Staff will share information about the available after school clubs as well as how to register.

Sept. 11 Grandparents' Luncheon

Sept. 18 Friday Assembly Grades 3-5 ONLY

Sept. 23 Early Release - Students dismissed at 12:45

Sept. 24 Friday Assembly Grades K-2 ONLY

Celebrating Birthdays

This message is from the library. The following link and form is about having your child participate in Birthday Book Club:

Happy Birthday to our Birthday (s) for September: