Industrial Revolution

Maria Alvarez

Working Conditions for Children in Factories

The conditions were bad, really bad. For example most machines did not have fences so kids and other workers could be exposed to moving parts of the machine. Also since the machines were packed together, children could go in between them, this made their work more dangerous. Kids would also get beaten and be verbally abused if they did not meet the requirements that the factory owners wanted.

Child Labor Laws

*Factory Act of 1819: 12 hours is the maximum hours kids can work inn a day.

*Factory Act of 1833: Children have to older than 9 to work at textile factories, kids 10-13 are limited to work 48 hours per week.

*Factory Act Of

Living Conditions In The Slums

Many companies promised their workers houses. The houses most of the time were really bad. They were often built side by side, and back to back. Back then proper bathrooms and pluming had not been invented, so people had to do their business outside. At night "soil men" would come up and pick up the solid waste. The liquid wasted would go into the earth and polite the water, this caused "cholera" a horrible disease to spread. It all happened because of bad houses.