c+i by jdirka January Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Announcing... La Dolce Vita- Resort 2016!

Have you seen the new collection that just launched last week? It is stunning- and just as its named, its pretty sweet! These new pieces are meant to be paired with existing C+I pieces. Furthermore, they are meant to be paired together (i.e. bracelets paired with necklaces to make them longer...) for the ultimate convertible!

These pieces are very romantic and great for Valentines Day- especially the arrow set (see below).

Check out my boutique for the full layout: https://jdirka.chloeandisabel.com

Shower your lovelies with jewels this Valentines Day!

I recently made some matching Mommy & Me onesies - they turned out to be a huge hit! To share the love for Valentines Day- each statement piece sold between now and Valentines Day, you will get your choice of matching onesie (size options 0-3, 6-9, 12, 18 mos) with the necklace you purchased.

Men- ladies LOVE this kind of stuff! Why not surprise your lucky ladies with some matching bling! *wink, wink

Ladies- do you have pregnant friends? What a fun baby shower gift idea, right?! What momma-to-be wouldn't want this?!

Let's talk fundraising!

Its a new year! Start off on the right foot and get your fundraisers scheduled! I love doing fundraisers because it is a great way to give back to the community- and- a great way to meet people!

I recently did a fundraiser at my son's daycare, Kindercare. Although sales weren't epic, we still generated $200 for supplies that the kids needed and it was fun!

My goal this year is to do one fundraiser per quarter- and I can't do that without your help. Most schools do fundraisers- are your kids' schools having one in the coming months? Most team sports need some type of funding- how about we partner and work towards getting your kids some new uniforms?

There are many options and I'm happy to talk through them with you.

If you are interested in partnering with me for a fundraiser- please reach out asap as I like to plan ahead. (email: janelldirksen@gmail.com)

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I couldn't end the newsletter without giving you something else to look forward to! Here is a sneak peak of our full spring line coming to you in February! Stay tuned for more details!

February will be a brilliant month to host a pop-up... just sayin'.

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