Wir sind so weit....Final Exams.

Neuheiten und Mitteilungen - Deutsch IIAB und IIB

Final Deadlines on May 3 and May 5 - Final Exams on May 10 or 11

•Remember students: you have two deadlines in the week from May 1 to May 5, so please follow your syllabus carefully: May 3 is a regular Wednesday deadline for all assignments listed on your syllabus from April 27 – May 3, and May 5 is a special deadline date on which the final unit’s cumulative quiz is due. Please do not miss these deadlines and incur a late penalty. The final late work deadline for tasks due May 3 is May 8, while May 9 is the last due to submit the last unit’s cumulative quiz for partial credit. Suggestion: Make it easy on yourself and submit everything by May 3.

The final exam must be taken on May 10 or 11 – it has 50 questions and a 90 minute time limit. You must finish in one, uninterrupted session, so allow this much time.

•Here are some suggestions for how best to prepare yourself for the exam:

•Study all past vocabulary lists - found normally on page 1 of each unit's content.

•Study all missed questions from previous cumulative quizzes; from the quiz menu under assessments click on the quiz name, then by the arrow to the right of the name, click on submissions and it will take you to your first attempt; then you can click on the attempt and all incorrectly answered questions will appear with the correct answer given. Thus, you can note which content areas posed problems for you. Finally, you should reread those content area pages.

•Listen to the recordings of live synchronous sessions for each unit - links are found on the far right of your course homepage.

•Email me about particular content questions you may have.

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