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September 22, 2014


Monday, Sept. 22nd-

All data for AimsWeb and Data Director NEEDS TO BE ENTERED!

Tuesday, Sept. 23rd- PLTs-K,1,2

8:15 Climate Meeting-Media Center

6pm-Watch Dog Dads Pizza and Information Night

Wednesday, Sept. 24- 1:00-on Kathy out (principal meetings)

Thursday, Sept. 25-Picture Day

Kathy & Tarah will be out in the am-return 9:30ish

Early Release Thursday-Data Protocol

Friday, Sept. 26th-PLTs-3, 4, 5

Tuesday, Sept. 30th- BLT @ 8:15


Tornado Drill


Wednesday, Oct. 1st-Matt Glover in the Media Center (PM) and teaching in Monica's room


Thursday, October 2nd-Dr. Hackett's Walk Through Visit (9:30-11:30)

Skate Night

Early Release Thursday-J. Haistings

Friday, October 3rd-PLTs-grades 3, 4, 5

Lee Denium Day

Monday, October 6th-PD DAY-AM session: 8-11, PM Session: 12:30-3:30

Tuesday, October 7th- PLTs-Grades K, 1, 2

Wednesday October 8th- Walk Your Child to School Day

Thursday, October 9th- Applebee's Night

Early Release Thursday

Friday, October 10th- PLTs-grades 3, 4, 5

Monday, October 13th- 6:00 PTA Meeting

Tuesday, October 14th-PBS Meeting

PLTS-grades K, 1, 2

Thursday, October 16th-4th grade trip to the symphony

Fundraiser Pick Up

Early Release Thursday-J. Haistings

Friday, October 17th-Fire Drill

PLTs-grades 3, 4, 5

Creative Arts PTA event


Our attendance year to date is 91.9%. Remember our goals is 90% for 90% of the time.


Thoughts from Dr. Friesen


ANY STAFF member can complete a yellow sheet. Please put a copy of all yellow sheets in my mailbox. Yellow sheets are for MAJOR behaviors or 3 thinks sheets. Once I have the yellow sheet I'll talk to the student (usually during recess) and then give the sheet to Brenda. Brenda enters all YELLOW sheet information into Swis (data management system). Don't forget to either cut the yellow sheet in half and send home for a signature or call parents (unless it's for 3 think sheets and parents have already been made aware of the issues). The copy I have will be shredded. REMEMBER it's important for us to have this data to make behavior decisions! PBS teams look at this data on a frequent basis. If we see certain areas in the building where there are many behavior issues, we work to fix the problem. If we see that a certain student has many sheets we offer support to the teacher.

The Tier 2 PBS Team is ready to begin assisting you!
Because it’s a new year and we have new staff members, I thought I should refresh your memory on Tier 2 procedures. Here’s some important things to know:

  • Problem behaviors need to have been documented with think sheets and yellow office referrals.
  • Teachers need to notify Debbie Lane if they wish to meet with the Tier 2 team.
  • Teachers need to have tried several other interventions and have documentation showing their effectiveness.
  • Teachers must complete the “Nomination Form” in its entirety BEFORE coming to the meeting. The form must be to Debbie a week before the meeting date.
The team also regularly examines SWIS data to be able to offer support and resources to the teachers of children with a high number of behavior incidents (yellow sheets).

Restroom Procedures
We have been having many issues in the restroom (writing on the walls, paper towels in urinals and toilets, and other things). Please make sure you spend some time reviewing Restroom Procedures with students. If students enter the restrooms and see something out of the ordinary, remind them of the importance of telling an adult. Students are not to bring writing utensils into the restrooms. Please also be aware of how many students you are sending at a time. If you send a table and another classroom teacher has sent a table of students to the restroom, there may be 10+ students at a time. 3-5 please also continue to use your sign in and sign out forms. It is important to have a record of students that have stepped out of the room and the time they were out. K-2 teachers should make mental note of students that have left the room for the restroom.

Technology Updates

RAZ Kids at Home!

RAZ Kids is a great way for students to practice reading fluency and comprehension:

  1. Go to the district website:

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the green “door”

    icon to get to the portal:

  3. Login with your lunch number and birthdate; the same way you login to the computers at school.

  4. Click “Workspace” at the top of the screen in the black bar.

  5. Click “Quick Links” in the middle of the screen. (Orange Arrow)

  6. Click “Raz-Kids”. (The next time you login, Raz Kids should show up on your Portal homepage in the recent links section. If it doesn’t, follow the steps above again.)

  7. Click “Kids Login” at the top of the page. (green button)

  8. Type your teacher’s username: ______________________________ (You will only have to do this once per device!)

  9. Click your name and then type your password (birthdate). Please let your child’s teacher know if you have any questions! J

Instructional Reminders

As a reminder, the computer lab will be closed September 29th- October 10th for 3rd -5th Benchmark Assessments.

Benchmark Assessments

3-5 ELA
September 29th - October 10th

End of Unit Assessments - Math
1st September 26th - Unit 1

Smarter Balanced Update
As we continue to make the transition to an assessment that utilized items developed by the SMARTER BALANCED Assessment Consortium, it is really important that our students AND us as teachers experience what this type of assessment will require of our students. Each classroom in grades 3-5 find will need a 30 minute block of time (you can take it from RW, WW, Math, Science, etc..) to allow students to participate in the SMARTER BALANCED practice assessment. While students are taking it, teachers should be closely checking out the items, taking notes, having conversations with teammates, etc.. We will talk about this further in our PLT collaboration.

The preliminary blueprint from DESE states:

3rd ELA 44 items tested

3rd MA 31 items tested

4th ELA 44 items tested

4th MA 31 items tested

5th ELA 44 items tested with a writing performance event

5th MA 31 items tested with a performance event

5th SC 60 items tested

Remember to use your math vocabulary or common language when using Base 10 blocks. (units, rods, flats, cubes)

Math Pre-assessments and CFAs-

In creating pre-assessments and CFAs remember we need to focus on the standards within the units rather than a specific end of unit assessment item.

Reading Logs -
If you are in need of extra reading log copies you can locate them on the shared drive.


A note about agendas:
Please make sure PLT agendas are posted to your shared drive prior to your meeting. If there is anything to add from our end, we will communicate with your team.

Upcoming Agendas

September 23rd & 26th - Interventions-PLEASE Bring guided reading group lists!
September 30th & Oct. 3rd - Data Protocol


Jenny's Schedule

Jenny will be at MB on...

September 23rd, 25th, 26th (AM only), 30th & October 1st (PM), and 2nd


Please send your parent communication/newsletters to Janet to post on the website and CC Tarah and Kathy.

Please remind students to not open outside doors to let visitors enter. All visitors must enter through the front doors and sign-in at the main office.

The Fire Marshal from our municipality may soon be making a visit for Fire Safety Inspection. Please see the list below of common violations found in schools.

Possible Fire Code Violations:

1. Items/obstructions in the exit ways and corridors.

2. Decorative materials/paper products on walls, lockers, and windows.

3. Decorative materials hanging from ceilings and curtains on windows that are not fire retardant.

4. Storage of flammable materials within 24 inches of ceiling.

5. Improper use of extension cords.

6. Flammable materials within 36 inches of electrical panels.

PTA - If you have not yet joined, please consider. PTA supports our building in many ways!


Wow....we had great discussions this week in PLTs around number talks. I appreciate teachers allowing their colleagues to observe in their classrooms and everyone's willingness to learn and grow.

Climate Committee

If you have any building concerns please talk with a committee member and we will work through it on our agenda. The committee members are.....Emily Ross, Kristin Smith, Kathy D'Anza, Cassie Fogel, Carol Kuenzel, Rhonda Deason, and Jordyn Cox.


Mrs. Lane would like to award Miss Ross a ticket for helping during our fire drill this week. Thanks Miss Ross!