First & foremost, your PRIMARY goal is to add a MINIMUM of 100 emails to your FREE database as quickly as possible! The question we get most frequently as Leaders is, 'What do I say' or 'How do I do that'? Simple...reach out, reach out, reach out! You can send PM's, texts, general posts on FaceBook (or any social media), pick up the phone, etc. It's important that no matter what route you choose to meet this first goal, YOU JUST DO IT! Another thing be REAL and SINCERE, they trust you, try not to SELL them. Share what the product is doing for you.

Some ideas of things to say are:

'Hey Susie! How are yal?! Listen, I know you are super busy but I have found a new Nutritional Supplement that I am absolutely in LOVE with and is taking the world by storm! It's called Thrive by Le-Vel! Have you heard of it?' I would like to invite you to take a look, here is my website ", I would love to share what this is doing for me personally. When can we talk?

'Hey Susie! How are you?! Listen, I have started a new business adventure & am reaching out to my friends & family to help me build my FREE database! All I need is your email to create you a FREE information link! There's no obligation to purchase anything; no spam or CC! Can I count on you to help me out? This gives you insight on the products and when your ready you already have an account set up. Can I call you? I can't keep this a secret I have to share with you!


In my opinion (and based on my own personal mistakes & setbacks) THIS is the 1 part of the system that is going to make or break you with Le-Vel! How coachable & trainable you are, is going to determine how quickly you succeed! You are the messenger not the message so no matter what the question is, DO NOT ANSWER IT! 'What is Thrive?' 'Can I get more info?' 'What does it do?' 'Do I have to take all 3 products?' 'Will it help me lose weight?' and the list goes on....the answer is ALWAYS THE SAME!

What's your phone number and when can we talk!!!! get them to commit to get on the phone. aslo ask for their email so you sign them up for FREE to give them insight to the products.

When they respond with their email & phone number, you respond with something like:

Alright girl, I've got you all set up with a FREE website/information link. Go to (insert yourwebsite) and watch the quick video that pops up on the home screen! Your 'CUSTOMER' username is (insert username) & your personal password is (insert password) all of which you are free to change from within your account. (send them an invite from the fanpage (I sent you an invite to our fabpage!!) ) what a good time to call you??

When you get on the phone still say very little share you r story but keep it brief, when they ask you a question (even if you know the answer) say "you know thats a good question i don't know, but let me get my friend (melissa) on the phone (DON"T SAY UPLINE) she can answer that much better than I can. and call your upline. be sure to let your upline befopre the call know whats going on, if you cant get your upline maybe do a 3 way with the 24 hr call. they need to hear from someone else!!!! introduce them then be QUIET!!! when she is done chat up ask some questions and then ask " are you ready to get going on your experience and see what it can do for you? If they say no not right now, dont take it personal there may be something going on they dont want to tell you and just say ok I'll follow up with you in a couple weeks then.

YOU will get an order or NOW WE WAIT and follow up at another time

just remember you cant say the wrong thing to the right person at the right time!!!


Give them 48-72 hours to respond...MOST will respond to you with questions long before you have a chance to respond to them...but regardless, the Follow-up is on YOU! Put them in your planner to follow-up's completely up to you to get good at your calendar and your success depends on it. You will hear time & time again, THE SUCCESS IS IN DUPLICATION & FOLLOW-UP.

So, what do we say when we follow-up? Keep It Super Simple...and say something like:

Hey Susie! Have you had a chance to look over that video from the website? Read a few of the stories on the FanPage? Do you have any questions for me?

Great! Morning or afternoon better for you to talk?

Perfect! I'll give you a call tomorrow morning at (insert time)!

*** Be sure to coordinate with your upline, prior to the agreed upon call time!***


A 3 way call is something that is so easy and once you've done a few, you will be ready to do a ton!

At the agreed upon time, go ahead and call your upline (that you've already coordinated with) and get them on the phone FIRST! Then, you're going to call your prospect and say something like this:

Hey Susie! I'm so glad we've been able to connect and get you more information about Thrive. But, you know I'm new and still learning so I went ahead and called MY FRIEND (insert name of upline) and got her on the phone with us! She has been doing this a whole lot longer and can anser these questions a whole lot better than i can, and I wanted her to tell you her story & also make sure I got you all the correct information and answers to any questions you may have!

At this point, YOU MUTE OUT AND DO NOT INTERRUPT! Whomever is doing the Validation will let you know when they are ready to come back on my addressing you by name and asking if they needed anything else covered.


first time Rally Call and Team CALL!

LAST, but BY FAR NOT the least important piece to this puzzle!

Within the first 72 hours of being a Promoter (whether active or not) you need to go to set up YOUR free conference line and coordinate with your 12K, and also your 200k to do your 20 minute Team call! If you dont know who your 200k is you need to ask your upline asap!! also do a welcome call with ALL uplines to introduce them so they know who they are and that they CAN reach out to them as well.

This call allows us to reach a mass majority of your friends and family all at one time and TRULY help you get the word out! They are super simple and ran by your 12K and 200k so all you have to know is your story!


  1. Tell your story to everyone that will listen!
  2. Sign up everyone possible for FREE!
  3. Connect them to the tools!
  4. Get them on the phone with upline for Validation call!