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How this Sustainable Home will Help the Environment

Have you ever thought about the plant's in your home doing any good? In our home, the plant's are always important to the design of the home, and always have a purpose.

One of the beautiful plants is the Parlor Ivy, with qualities such as cleaning the air from pollutants and chemicals that could reside in your home. This leafed plant is easy to maintain and grow.

Another is The Garlic Vine, which is not only an elegant shade of purple, but has medicinal purposes. Its leaves, roots and flowers can be used to treat cold, fever, sore throat and other breathing problems.

This residence is located in the Temperate Deciduous Forest, where there is fertile soil, many animals such as squirrels, insect, shrews and mice, deer, black bears, deciduous trees and other flowering plants.

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Not Only Plants for our House, But for our Stomachs!

Did you think plants were only used for decoration? Think again! Here at Virginia's home, we grow our very own vegetables too. We own a grand greenhouse structure that allows natural sunlight to get in. A water tank takes water from rain, filters it and goes in separate sprinklers which distribute the water to the plants according to how much water they need. The plants that will be grown in this greenhouse are carrots, herbs such as basil and oregano, garlic, raspberries, and beans. I will never use pesticides on my plants for no organisms will get to the plants since it is in a greenhouse.


What's an eco friendly house if I am using a car? Sure, electric cars are great, but they tend to be very expensive. I will certainly not have any cars to prevent pollution and increase global warming. My method of transportation will be a bike. I will be more fit while also saving the environment, giving me many advantages. If I need to get anywhere far, I will carpool, take the train, subway or bus.

Waste Management

The types of waste management that could be used in my home and in all homes in Canada as a matter of fact is a Recycling Bin and compost. The 3 R's, "REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!" are so important, and can be used to save the Earth. Compost is also great, as it decomposes and basically recycles itself!

Adopting an Endangered Animal

Taking care of plants is not the only thing my home is revolved around. I have made a plan to adopt an endangered animal to protect its species. The animal chosen is an arctic wolf, also known by its scientific name Canis lupus Arctos. This animal is found in the arctic and eat various arctic animals. The packages will provide everything needed for this animal to survive. Adopting an endangered animal could save its whole species from going extinct!

Harmful Chemicals that can be Found in My Home

Chemicals such as BPA, are harmful to humans, causing hormonal issues, and can be found in household products such as linings of food cans and plastics, coating on receipts, and used as a flame retardant as well.

Another chemical that can be found is PFC, otherwise known as perfluorinated chemical, impact thyroid malfunction. They can be found in coating of pots and pans, clothes, carpets and backpacks.

Lastly, there are phthalates, which are also harmful to human hormones. They can be found in flooring, shower curtains, and air fresheners.

Elements found in BPA

The elements that make up the toxin BPA are HO-C6H4-C(CH3)2-C6H4-OH

This is otherwise known as, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, in a specific order. The element I have chosen to specify is Oxygen.

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Oxygen's Place on the Periodic Table

Oxygen is found in Group 16, Period 2 of the Periodic Table.

This element is a non metal.

Energy Sources and Electricity

For any electricity that will be used in my home, the source will be coming from personal wind turbines and solar panels at the roof of my house. Photovoltaic cell panels will also be used by the sun. I would be using these sources, mainly for the reason that they are all renewable and can be used as my own. I believe that this makes my home more sustainable. If I had used a non renewable source, then it would not be as sustainable, for if I can't reuse the materials, I won't be able to support electricity in my home. To cut back on using so much energy. My family and I will turn off things like lights and other appliances when they are not needed.

Making Our Home the Earth's by Making Sure it is effecient

To ensure the Sun's use it more prominent in the winter months than the summer months, the home will be rectangular and small scale. Windows will be placed all along the wall facing most to the equator. Since my home is located more in the northern part of the earth, most windows will be placed on the south side to capture as much of the sun's heat as possible. Other than the windows, my home will have cavity wall insulation, which will keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A ventilation system is also there to keep the air circulating.

Read the label!

Some appliances that will definitely be included in my home are specifically ones that have the sticker that has "EnerGuide" or "Energy Star". Since these labels indicate the consumption of kilowatts per hour, I have looked for ones with the lowest number to ensure energy efficiency. Dishwashers will save water usage. Electric stoves will distribute heat more evenly. Using a smaller refrigerator will use less electricity. I will use only a washer to wash my clothes, but only with cold water. Dryers are not needed, for a room in my home is designated for clothes to hang dry.

Light, light, light Bulbs!

On top of appliances, I need to ensure all light bulbs are energy efficient. Not many will be placed in my house, however the ones that will be will be fluorescent, incandescent, outdoor solar, and LED. This will ensure that energy consumption is as low as possible. They will be mostly used at night and in winter when there isn't as much sun.

Space developed what?

Due to space exploration, many, many things have been developed and discovered. Whether it benefits humankind, health and safety, or even just meant for a few people, technology researched in space has helped a lot.

One of the great inventions began with the computer program that was created to be portable, and could extract samples from the surface. This program insured very little power usage and was self contained. This development then led to a specific well known type of vacuum, which was in fact the smaller, cordless Dustbuster.

As I have previously stated, solar panels will be one of the sources of energy. Little do many

people know that this technology was in fact discovered due to space exploration. Companies, government groups and Universities worked together to try to create a piloted aircraft made to fly at very high altitudes with no person inside for many days, which meant it needed solar power that would't be an inconvenience. This led on to the creation of the most advanced silicon cells that used only the sun for it's energy.

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