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RRISD TAG Parent Open House Scheduled

Just a friendly reminder that RRISD will host a meeting for parents of current TAG students on September 16, 2014 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm at CD Fulkes MS Auditorium.

What is the purpose of the Independent Study Project?

As we move further into our year, you will hear more about the independent study (ISP) projects. Our gifted students participate in at least two projects during the year to increase their self confidence and skill with research using visual, print, and online resources. Each project focuses on a topic.

First and second grade students will focus on animal research during the fall semester. This very broad topic allows each child a choice in which animal to study. With first graders, we are working on most of the project together to build their vocabulary and reading response skills using nonfiction text. Second graders will accomplish similar skills at a higher level and then segway into a more independent project next month.

Our third graders have discussed topic choices in class as part of our Pet Parade ISP. Students should narrow the topic to one single choice by Tuesday. Your student has a topic choice sheet with him/her to help make that decision. Third graders are researching a type of pet they do not currently have as a family member, but would like to add. As we have shared, this pet can be a more common addition or perhaps a unique pet from the list we shared in class. Please check out the link below for further ideas. Students now have the menu of required and optional activities, and we will thoroughly discuss expectations for completion and assign due dates on Tuesday. We want students to be active participants in this process in order to think more about their time management decisions for completion of each activity and include the high quality these tasks deserve.

Our fourth graders, are encouraged to spread their wings and fly this year with ISP. During the year, these students will consider a variety of research questions in preparation for middle school. Currently, this group is studying ways to make an outdoor retreat the place to be as they begin the Backyard Getaway Project.

Fifth graders have departed for a virtual vacation with their ISP called Travel Passport. Students are narrowing destinations they hope to see to one final destination. Each child will consider all aspects in planning a trip to a faraway place. Although they may not pack their bags just yet to leave, this experience will open new doors to them in understanding the planning and budget concerns needed for global travel.

All students will have an oppportunity to present their ISP projects on November 18th at Stony Point High School during our Showcase. Details will follow about the event.