The Secrest's

Brittany secrest

Family food favorites


My grandfather has traced our family heritage all the way back the the 1500's in Switzerland. Switzerland is a mountainous central European country known for watches and chocolate. In a little town there is a church named after our family and I will be going to see it this summer.

Maryland/ New Jersey

Over time my family traveled to the U.S and settled in Maryland and New Jersey where my family food favorite comes from. Pound cake originally started in Europe ,but in the U.S different versions soon became popular like the sour cream pound cake. We have this cake at many family gatherings and it is everyone's favorite!

Interview Questions with my grandfather

  • Is there one particular dish or recipe that you can identify as part of your family's heritage? "Yes, we all love the sour cream pound cake Aunt Sarah Passed down. "
  • Where did this recipe come from--a friend, a relative, a cookbook? " This recipe came from our Aunt Sarah we have made it for years."
  • When do you make or eat this kind of food? "We eat this cake at every family gathering."