New York

A Colony

Founder of New York And Stuff about Albany

His name is The Duke of York. Albany is 42 degrees north and 72 degrees west. Albany is the Capitol of New York.

New York

Saturday, July 26th 1788 at 11am

New York

New York became a state in 1788

New York

She was named for Mr. Duke of York. She is humid and hot in summer, cold and brittle in winter.

Miss New York's Economy


Killed animals for it


Chop whack chop TIMBER!!!!!!

Famous People

Duke of York and Peter Stuyvesant

Move Over!

Come here land is good

Stay away we get cold

Fun Facts

Originally settled by the Dutch.
First name of the colony was New Netherland.
Name of the person that "purchased" Manhattan Island from the Natives was Peter Minuet.
Natives that received payment for the island were not permanent residents of the island.
Name of the last Dutch governor of New Netherland was named Peter Stuyvesant.
Peter Stuyvesant was hated by the population and had a "peg leg".

By: Emma Cartwright