STD Main Dish

John Bernard Mitton

What is STD

Sexually Transmitted Disease

What are the types of STD

STDs caused by viruses

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Human Papilloma Virus

Hepatitis Viruses

Herpex Simplex Virus

STDs caused by bacteria




STDs caused by parasites


How it be prevented

The only way for a person to be sure they will not get an STI is for that person not to have sex. This includes sex of any kind.

There are some things that a person can do to make it less likely to get an STI.

  • Practice safer sex. Use condoms and other forms of birth control
  • Stay with one sexual partner who has tested negative for STDs
  • Do not have sex with anyone until you are both tested for STDs
  • Get the vaccines for HPV, hepatitis A, and hepatitis B

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