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SAIL = Social Emotional, Academic, Interpersonal Lessons

SAIL ECE- Grade 2

Social Emotional, Academic, Interpersonal Lessons

We have been busy expanding our awareness of our ability to choose! The two books that I have used to teach The Power To Choose - P2C - focus on Danny. Danny's Power to Choose at home, and Danny's Power to Choose - School, by Ganit and Adir Levy. These books allow students to alter Danny's day by making choices about his actions. Danny is faced with two choices. Students make the choice for him, then the book skips to specific pages based on their choice. We get to experience how choices make changes! Danny's superpower is the Power To Choose - P2C! He wears a red and yellow cape with P2C on the back. You may see this cape in the hallways at school as reminders that we all have the power to choose!

Many kids have asked where their parents can get these books. Click on the links below to go to Amazon!

P2C was expanded upon using the book, What if Everybody Did That? The book illustrates a variety of situations that result from choices we make...What if everybody did that? Students enjoyed lively conversations at each scenario!

SAIL Lessons: Grades 3-5

Social Emotional, Academic, Interpersonal Lessons

Multiple Intelligence - This unit was an introduction to multiple intelligence theory, created by Dr. Howard Garner. Students learned about 8 different types of intelligence -verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, interpersonal, musical-rhythmic, intrapersonal, visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, or naturalist. Each student discovered their dominant way of learning and then discovered strategies for studying that built upon their strengths.

Your combination of learning styles influence satisfaction you may find in career paths. For example, would a logical-mathematics and intrapersonal person be happy in a highly social, interactive career? Probably not. This information will be useful when students choose how they will participate in our upcoming Career Cafe!

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Highline Academy will be hosting our first annual Career Cafe on March 21st. Students will choose 3 sessions from a menu of 9 guest professionals. Our guest professionals will be sharing about a variety of careers! See the above graphic to see the topics that will be covered.

Some ask, "Why we begin talking about careers in elementary school?" Elementary school is a crucial time for developing career awareness and instilling a culture of self-empowerment. Students start at an early age to profile their strengths, interests, and values. We want our students to dream big, while learning that it takes hard work to achieve goals. Education beyond high school needs to be planned for. Skills for success need to be nurtured and developed, such as work ethic, responsibility, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution.

Talk to your children about their future goals. Encourage them to explore options! Discuss with them what they need to do to build pathways to success!


MOMO Challenge: You have already received this information in paper form and in the school newsletter, but here is the parent information again. Please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.
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Multi-Tiered System of Support - MTSS

Highline Academy strives for student success in all areas. It is vitally important that students feel safe so their confidence and skills grow academically, behaviorally, socially, and personally. We want all students to grow to their fullest potential!

The Multi-Tiered System of Support team, MTSS, provides support for students in all areas. This team works with teachers to identify what skills need growth- academic or behaviors. A targeted intervention is put in place and instruction is implemented in small groups or one-on-one. Progress monitoring is done so that we can see the effectiveness of interventions. Student plans are then adjusted according to their needs.

MTSS has 3 tiers. Each tier builds on the previous, so someone in tier 2 receives instruction with the classroom AND in small group. Tier 3 consists of instruction at all levels. See the graphic below.

Tier 3 one-on-one individualized instruction

Tier 2 consists of targeted small group instruction

Tier 1 is Core Classroom instruction given to all children.

Please contact your child's teacher if you have questions about your child's progress.

We are here to help your child succeed!

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