Art and Beautification Committee

2013 Spring Update and Events

Background and Community Involvement

Who we are? The Arts Committee (in short) is comprised of 10-15 volunteers who meet monthly. We share one common goal of beautifying the Kids Castle playground by restoring the existing artwork and creating new pieces to embellish the area. We have five artists on the committee, but many of us have no experience in that field.

What we do?

•Remove, catalog, and organize existing artwork on the playground for restoration.

•Conduct “Art Restoration Days” with high school, middle school, and elementary school students at Alchemy Open Studio Therapeutic Arts Center.

•Highlight local artists on the Patch and our Facebook page who help the Art and Beautification complete various projects.

•Look for local artists to create artwork for the Mural Arts Program

Community Involvement

March 16th- Elementary 4th-6th Grade Paint It Day

March 16th was a day none of us will soon forget, as 16 students, their parents, and three teachers braved the snowy, icy roads to restore some of Kids Castle’s artwork at the Alchemy Open Studio. The studio was aglow with light and warmed by the fire. The students quickly signed in and got cozy on the soft sofas as we gathered for a “get to know you” activity and to go over the day’s agenda. I was amazed that students came from all over the area to proudly represent Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Kutz, Bridge Valley, Simon Butler, Titus, and Doyle Elementary Schools. The studio was abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm to paint.

The students eagerly broke into small cooperative groups and worked together as a team to restore an old sow from the farmyard area of the playground, the waves from the pirate ship, and the enormous Medieval Maze sign that measured 4x8”. The Titus students were even joined by their dedicated teachers Miss Amy Braksator, Miss Jamie Gieseler, and Mrs. Joyce Aldrich to restore the Medieval Sign that was created 15 years ago.

When all was said and done, the artwork had been beautified, detailed, and restored to its original state for future generations to enjoy. The students were glad to learn the artwork they had worked so diligently to restore would be carefully installed in new play zones on the interior and exterior of the castle for its Grand Re-opening in June. With some time to spare and a snack in their bellies, Kelly Dejong , our Design Coordinator, came over to present a mini- lesson with the kids and to get ideas for the new interactive panels; that are to be placed inside the castle. Overall, everyone had a great time, new friendships were made, and the students learned a life -long lesson about giving back to one’s community. On behalf of the Art and Beautification Committee, we can’t thank you enough for braving the weather and coming out that day.

Mural Artists Interest Meeting

Wednesday, April 17th, 7:30-8:30pm

18 East Court Street Doylestown, Pa 18901

Welcome all Artists!

The Arts Committee will be holding an informational meeting for artists interesting in donating his/her time to the "Mural Arts Program. "

We will be:

  • answering any questions regarding the program
  • discussing the mural application process
  • completing a questionnaire
  • informing you about the logistics of obtaining your materials.

What is the Mural Arts Program?

What is the Mural Arts Program? Through charitable contributions aka a donations, businesses and organizations will have the opportunity to be represented in a mural or to sponsor a mural.

What type of murals will be created? We are looking for the creation of murals that depict the Bucks County landscapes ( ie: parks and farms), historical and cultural sites, as well as highlight the names of local businesses and organizations that support the Save Kids Castle initiative. We are striving to create an interactive outdoor museum where families can stroll along a brick walkway, while experiencing the sites of Bucks County.

How can you help? We are looking for artists, who are willing to donate their time to create, design, and paint the mural art panels for our outdoor classroom. The murals range in size from 4X3' and 6x3' panels on Extria boards. The Arts Committee will supply the pre-cut panels and paint. The murals can be started at any time and are not due until March 2014; giving the artist time to sketch the mural and submit it for approval. The good news, it can be worked on at your leisure and in between projects.