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Gess if you don't know at leveret elementary school two kids in third grade are dating!

What's next?... A drunk monkey tryin to drive! Or maybe a cute boy comin over to your house ooo la la he he!

About Boys

Ever have trouble deciding if a boy likes you or not? Well it's simple if he sprays something in your hair or pulls your hair then he likes you, if he pinches your but though then you have every right to tell your dad so he can grab a shotgun bring that cute boy out in the woods so your dad can... Well you get the main non-vilaint idea.

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A Girly Tale By: Elizabeth Williams

Hay girls I finnaly got asked out on a date to the prom! Isent that something!

(first baby girl to the left)

Yeah gross are you guys gonna hug each other?

(last baby girl on the right)

Probably and it's also probably gonna be magical!!!

(first baby girl to the left again)

The End