Leaf Lab

By: America, Dalon and Antonio


We will be conducting an experiment to see how much water will evaporate from a leaf while in the heat for a time period of 7 minutes.


If we expose the leaf to heat, then more water should evaporate at a faster rate.

Control Set Up:

We were not the control but the control did not have any manipulative variable.


This experiment show us how much water will evaporate when the leaf is placed in direct heat for 7 minutes.


  • Leaf
  • Heat source "blow dryer"
  • The "thing"
  • Water
  • Timer

Manipulated Variable Procedure:

  1. Pour water in
  2. Attach the leaf to the "thing"
  3. Initiate the heat source
  4. Commence the count down
  5. Observe...

Control Procedure:

We were not in control of the control procedure.


During the first few minutes of the procedure the leaf absorbed water at a stead pace slowly decreasing every few minutes staring from .31ml of water for one minuet before go down one milliliter. It then remained at .30 milliliters for three minutes before dropping again due to the temperature. this process of decreasing steadily over several minuets continued with the long being .28 milliliter for 5 minuets 1/3 of our testing time before finally ending the last three minuets with .27 milliliters


From what we observed heat did effect the rate at which the leaf absorbed compared to the standard by increasing the amount of water it took in compared to the leaf under controlled circumstances.


Over the course of 15 minutes, the transpiration rate was surprisingly slow.
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