iTech With Gaggle

Official school email, 7 GB of free storage in Digital Locker, & a Cyber Safety course

  • Compose and send an email.
    • Send an email to the teacher in the room with you.

  • Create a new folder in your Digital Locker and name it Back to School 2013.
    • Click on Applications / Digital Locker from Side Menu Bar.

    • Click on the small yellow folder with the + on top menu bar to create folder

  • Upload and download files to and from your Digital Locker. You have 7 GB of storage.
    • Upload the English AND Spanish version of the Academic Calendar (from the GPISD webpage) and place in the 2013 Back to School folder.

      • Save the pdf calendars on your desktop, then click Add File on top menu bar in Gaggle to save calendars in Back to School 2013 folder

    • From the Back to School 2013 folder, right click on the English OR Spanish version of the calendar, (the one that you won’t use) and select “Download to Computer”. Place on your Desktop. Move it to the Recycle Bin after a successful download. Delete from your Back to School 2013 folder also. Right click on file, Delete OR highlight file, click on the trash can in top menu bar.

  • Set up preferences and link a forwarding email address.
    • Click on My Account in upper right corner. Click on Basic tab, and add a different email address, IF YOU WISH. This is not a requirement, but this will send you notifications when you have received Gaggle email. Click SAVE

    • Click on Signature tab if you want to automatically insert a line at the bottom of every email. Click SAVE.

  • Complete the Cyber Safety Course, located in the Applications menu on Side Menu Bar.
    • You must successfully complete the course by the end of school Friday, August 30, or your Gaggle account will be disabled.