Leap into Literacy

March/April: Grade 1

Reading: Using “Stop and Jot” Fiction Bookmarks

This bookmark serves two purposes:

  • It reminds students of the symbols they can use to code a fiction text.

  • It gives students a place to store their post-its.

As students read, they can stop and write ideas they have. This encourages students to think more deeply about a text. They can use these post-its as evidence during discussions about the text. The large “jot” box where post-its can be stored limit the number of post-its students use during their reading.


Writing About Reading

From The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo:

When writing about a text, students sometimes just list one idea or detail after another which can make it hard to understand what they really wanted to say. Teach children to think about the connection between two sentences and then to choose a transition word or phrase that captures the connection. (For Readers Level G and above)