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the Titanic sails into Mrs. Black class

Many middle school students will tell you that the only thing they know about the RMS Titanic is that Leonardo di Carprio was on it. There is more to the story and Mrs. Black's 7th grade ELA classes were involved in a special class project centered around the fateful voyage and its passengers with a literary, scientific and even musical connection.

It all begins with class

As students entered the classroom, Mrs. Black, dressed as a ship's stewart, gave each a ticket that assigned them a Titanic passenger in 1st, 2nd or Steerage class. Each student then looked into the life of that person and their fate on the ship.
Titanic unit at DCMS

the study continues...

Students were then asked to read a variety of informational texts that gave them insight into the truth and legend of the great ship and it's passengers and staff. Questions were asked such as, Who did society blame for the sinking? Who do you feel was to blame? Students would have to defend their opinions from their research.

They watched the film A Night to Remember and compared information from other sources. After looking at the changes in maritime law, the question was asked, how has the Titanic impacted sea travel?

Science made an appearance in the unit also with an experiment in hypothermia to get a bit of practical knowledge as to how the frigid water and air affected those in the water and life boats.

All the information gleaned by students were used to create a reflective writing that was produced in Noteabilty or Evernote and shared with Mrs. Black.

The old and new met in this unit with history, science, literature, artifacts and film giving the students an insight into one of history's most famous disaster.