Video games increase reaction time

the harder they are, the better

video games can train someone to react faster, in games your skills at paying attention are put to the test. Usually games on console and PC have difficulty or some kind of puzzle in them. They put kids and adults behind the screen to take on challenges in a virtual world.

Gaming simulations are used to train pilots and personal in the military for jobs such as aircraft.

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simulations are used worldwide too train people how to fly or use special equipment. In the military drone simulations are used to train soldiers how to command missile drones and do recon. Pilots that fly passenger jets do simulations to train and pass tests.

Iphones and androids go into battle, androids lower price while Iphones add more feature.

Iphones are more user friendly and more basic on somethings. Androids are known to be more complicated and have much more features crammed in it. android is lowering there prices to meet iphones prices, Iphones are adding more features to meet androids.

Apps are getting to expensive, less apps being purchased and more free apps are requiring purchases.

Apps are becoming too expensive, even the free ones. Free apps i play cost 1 to 10 bucks to even play the full game. there any actual "free" apps anymore.

Ear buds and full head headphones, which are better