Week at a Glance

Week of February 8 to 12, 2016

Week at a Glance

February is Black History Month. The theme for the district is hallowed grounds, sites of African American memories.

Monday, February 8:

  • I-Station good usage and tier movement reports are due
  • Operations meeting, 3-4pm - please bring:
  1. Your important dates/events
  2. Tasks for this week
  3. Support needed for tasks
  4. Kudos/Concerns

Tuesday, February 9:

  • Happy birthday, Mr. Meador!
  • 4th grade field trip - Crow Museum
  • Campus PD, 4:15-5:00pm
  • ILT meeting, 5:00pm-6:00pm
  • I-Station Tier 1 and Tier movement celebration
  • Data meetings - please bring:
  1. hard copy of DOL assessments from previous week,
  2. DOL data for last week's lessons and
  3. intervention calendar
  4. Support needed
  5. Kudos/Concerns

Wednesday, February 10:

  • Team meetings
  • Coffee with the Principal/STAAR Live Forum, 9:30am
  • College shirt or school spirit shirt, and khakis or slacks

Thursday, February 11:

  • PLC meeting in Data Room - please bring:
  1. hard copy of lesson plans for next week,
  2. hard copy of DOL assessment,
  3. stem questions (Kilgo or Region 10)
  • Administrator Meeting, 4:15-5:45pm - please bring your data:
  1. spot observation for teachers you evaluate
  2. discipline
  3. I-Station
  4. Achieve 3000
  5. Reasoning Mind
  6. FastForward
  7. Attendance

Friday, February 12:

  • 4th and 5th field trip: Trinity River Audubon
  • Grade validation lists are distributed by Ms. Gallo
  • Operations meeting, 3:00-4:00pm
  1. Your important dates/events
  2. Tasks for next week
  3. Support needed for tasks
  4. Kudos/Concerns
  • Superhero shirt with jeans

Saturday, February 13:

  • Happy birthday, Nurse Prince!

Upcoming events/important dates:
February 8-March 31- UNCF fundraising period
February 14 - Happy birthday, Mr. Falcon!
February 15 - President's Day - No school
February 15 - Teachers to validate years of teaching experience in Oracle
February 16 - Validations lists are due from teachers to Ms. Gallo no later than noon
February 16 -
4th Writing Released STAAR
February 16 - 5th Science interim
February 17 - Happy birthday, Ms. Scott!
February 17 - K-4th Reading interim
February 17 - 5th Reading Released STAAR
February 18 - K-4th Math interim
February 18 - 5th Math Released STAAR
February 19 - Happy birthday, Mr. Proctor!
February 20 - Destination Imagination Competition
February 21 - Happy birthday, Ms. Sanders!
February 22 - Teacher verify grades by 3pm
February 23 - Kindergarten and 1st field trip: Le Theatre de Marionette
February 25 - African American Heritage Month Program
February 29 - Happy birthday, Ms. Delgado!
February 29 - 5th grade field trip: Symphony
February 29 - Report cards go home

Kudos for 80% of students in Tier 1 on I-Station

I want to give kudos to Ms. Soler and Mr. Portales for reaching above 80% of students in Tier 1 in January!

Then, in February, Mr. Abrego and Ms. Valentin also had over 80% of students reach Tier 1!

Congratulations to all! Thank you for making early reading skills a priority in your classrooms!

  • Mr. Portales - 83%
  • Ms. Soler - 84%


  • Mr. Abrego - 82%
  • Ms. Valentin - 89%
  • Ms. Soler - 89%

Kudos for highest Tier 1 percentage growth on I-Station

I want to give kudos to Mr. Valdes and Ms. Enoch for having over 20% of growth on Tier 1 students!

In January, 2nd grade switched from being self-contained to being departmentalized. Ms. Roche and Mr. de Anda oversee reading and language arts instruction. Mr. Dorward and Mr. Hernandez oversee math instruction. Finally, Ms. Richards and Mr. Valdes oversee Science and Social Studies instruction, and I-Station. Mr. Valdes had 21% growth in two of his three classes. Congratulations Mr. Valdes!

Ms. Enoch had 25% growth! Congratulations Ms. Enoch!

If you need to know the "secret" to having these high gains, please reach out to them and ask them what they are doing.

Morning Announcements - 2D is next

Please send students to the office for morning announcements no later than 7:50am. If you missed the time, please send students at 9am to the office for announcements. Also, please select a song for African American Heritage Month.

Released STAAR and interim exams

Next week, we will be testing our students in K-5th grade. Fourth grade Writing, 5th grade Reading and Math students will take a released STAAR. All other grades will take a district- or feeder-created interim exam. The same desegregation documents are due (they will be emailed to you this week).

I was informed that our ED and Asst. Sup. will be looking at data starting at 5pm on Friday, February 19. Therefore, 2nd to 5th grade teachers, please complete your scan to All in Learning no later than February 19 at 4:59pm. Remember to title your scan lastname_sections_content_what it is. In this particular case, here is an example of Ms. Simpson's test: Simpson_5A5B_Math_STAAR Released

Since you will be active monitoring during testing, you may wear jeans and comfortable shoes (tennis shoes are ok) the days you are involved in testing.

Power Hour - Focus for next two weeks

I want to commend all of you for having centers targeting reporting categories, and you pulling a small group. Keep up the good work!

For the next two weeks, we will be working on making sure that the intervention lesson that you are teaching during your small groups is targeting a low-scoring SE. For STAAR grade levels, please look at your data and determine which low-scoring SE will have the most impact and focus on those during small group. If you need to make adjustments to your intervention calendar, this is a good time to do so.

February 9 Professional Development

On February 9, the professional development will target testing. Please bring something to take notes on as we will be trading teachers for this round of testing.

I-Station monthly reports and celebration

The monthly I-Station assessment window closed on February 5. Tier movement and good usage reports are due February 8, by 4:15pm. The Tier 1 celebration is on Tuesday, February 6.

STAAR - Parent live forum

On February 10, starting at 9:30am, our district will have a district-wide live forum at designated campuses. As I2020 campuses, we were requested to have all of our campuses offer the STAAR Live Forum. Our campus will combine it with Coffee with the Principal and have our focus be testing.

African American Heritage Month Program

This year's African American Heritage Month Program will take place February 25, 5-7pm. Please decide who from your teams will attend.

United Negro College Fund

The fundraising period for the United Negro College Fund is February 8 to May 31. You are welcomed to give a one-time donation or choose a monthly payroll deduction on Oracle, under Employee Self Service.

Summer Readiness Program

Extended Year for Students in Elementary will be held at each elementary school. The program will be overseen by the campus principal. The students who will be attending are our 5th grade students who did not meet promotion requirements (attendance, grades at least at 70, and STAAR Math and Reading).

Instructional days will be the following: June 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20.

SSI testing dates are:
STAAR Math - June 21
STAAR Reading - June 22

Summer Achievers Academy for Elementary Students

Parents will complete an application for students to attend summer programs. Students will be selected using a randomized computer selection process. The summer program will consist of Core Content, Arts Enrichment, and Summer Camps.

Instructional days are June 27 to July 28, Monday to Thursday only, 8am to 4pm.

Elementary locations are: Burleson ES, Dunbar ES, Salazar ES, and Reilly ES.

Teachers interested will receive more information as it becomes available.

Current assistant principals interested in serving as summer school principal for the Summer Achievers Academy should let their Feeder Pattern Executive Director know by February 5, 2016. Summer school principal hourly rate of pay is $40 for elementary, $42 for middle school, and $46 for high school.