How to dry wild mushrooms

The ancient tradition of hand drying wild forest mushrooms

How to dry, and re-hydrate mushrooms for cooking.

Mushroom's dried to preserve and enhance flavours.

Mushroom hunting is a way of life in many European countries, no more so than Poland. Not only a free food source but also a way of making some extra income often used to pay for fuel for the long cold winters ahead.

There are approx eight varieties that are readily collected from the natural pine forests that dominate this idyllic region of Podlaskie, Poland. Some of these varieties are best cooked fresh but many of them can be preserved for later in the year when fresh mushrooms are no longer available and the forests are covered by a thick layer of snow. read more about Podlaskie Mushrooms...

Cooking with dried Mushrooms.

Always the first question I get asked is how to cook with dried mushrooms and here's the first thing to remember when rehydrating them.

Dried mushrooms have intense flavor. Mushrooms are mostly water, so when all of the moisture evaporates, the flavor becomes highly concentrated.

How to Re-hydrate Dried Mushrooms

Re-hydration is easy and Dried Mushrooms have a more concentrated flavour than fresh.
Simply heat some water or red wine and pour into a bowl, add the quantity you require, but remember that dried mushrooms increase in volume to 3 to 4 times. Soak your mushrooms in the warm (not boiling) water for about 20 - 30 minutes or until fully re-hydrated stirring occasionally. You may prefer to let your dried mushrooms stand overnight.

Try dried Polish mushrooms for yourself.

The community spirit is still very much alive in Poland and as such our mushroom picking families would like you to try these rare delicacy choice Wild Forest Mushrooms for FREE