Reagan and the "New Right"

By: Heaven Rogers


  • Fueled by the increasingly "liberal" social agenda of he Democrats and spurred by the rise of militant and extremely well organized Evangelical Christianity, most southern states begin voting Republican in considerable majorities.
  • Conservative Christians, Southern whites, affluent ethnic suburbanites, and young conservatives form a "New Right" that supported Ronald Reagan in 1980 on a :law and order" platform that advocated: Stricter laws against crime, drugs, and pornography, Opposed to easy access abortions, Increase in defense spending, and a cut in tax rates.
  • Reagan curbed the expansion of the Federal Government, he did not reduce its size or the scope of its power.


• Strongly supported environmental legislation, limited economic development, stopped the production of nuclear weapons and power plants.

• Normally Pro-choice movements emerged during the 1980s to defend women's right to choose whether and when to bear a child.

Affirmative Action, the use of racial quotas to "balance" the workforce, to one degree or another, becomes an issue of political disagreement with Democrats favoring it and Republican opposing it.