LHS Anchor Chart of ZERO Papers

LHS Anchor Chart of ZERO Papers

For the improvement of writing.

Paper is ONE long sentence Need more than a complimentary period at the end.

i or i (NO circles or hearts!)

I (No lower case “I’s” without the dot)

i (No lowercase I instead of the capital)

heLp Me write weLL (No thrown capitals wherever the writer feels like placing)

Proper nouns and pronouns (Leon High School vs high school)

Illegal Words: (big/little happy/sad good/bad much/some

things/stuff very/a lot said/get/got a bunch)

gr8, R U, J (NO texting!!!!!)

&, @, <20 #’s (Must write out symbols and any number less than 20)

No punctuation at all

.!! or !!! or .?? (No over punctuating)

Can’t, don’t, etc. (No contractions)

Messy or unreadable writing Students must write neatly with proper spacing.

Students who receive a “O” for their paper due to one of the above mistakes will have 24hrs to correct paper and turn in both old and new copy with no late penalty. Any mistakes on new copy will cost 5 points each.

**Jr’s and Sr’s will receive 25 pt late penalty 2nd semester in English Classes.