Changing the Teacher of Record

Scheduling - Elementary

  • Search for the position that needs to change. In this scenario, Mrs. Botting taught 1st grade last year. This year she will be teaching 3rd and the teacher that will be teaching 1st is going to be Mrs. Muller.
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  • You will search for Mrs. Botting under positions and click Search to pull up all the sections she has assigned to her.
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  • Select the course you want to edit to highlight it yellow.
  • Select Edit.
  • Select the Teaching Positions tab at the top.
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  • BEFORE you can add a new teacher of record, the old one MUST be deleted.
  • Select the position that needs to be deleted, and select Delete.


The teacher of record can ONLY be deleted BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS.

Once classes have begun, you cannot delete a teacher of record, only change their effective dates.

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  • Next, under Position Number look for the teacher that needs to be the teacher of record.
  • In this case it is Mrs. Muller.
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- Please remember to add the PEIMS Role to the teaching position.

- The code is 087 for Teachers and 047 for Vacant or Long Term Subs.

  • Select Add.
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  • You should now see Mrs. Muller as the Teacher of record for this Course/Section.
  • Select Return to Search Results.
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  • You will notice that Mrs. Botting no longer has Course E01400 (Social Studies) Section 1100. This Course and Section has been reassigned now to Mrs. Muller.
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  • You will need to do this for every Course/Section that Mrs. Botting is no longer teaching. Then to assign Mrs. Botting to new sections it is the same process. Find the sections she will be teaching and re-assign the Teacher of Record.