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Political Information:

Kenya’s government is a presidential republic, which means power is in elected officials and there is a president. The Capital of Kenya is Nairobi. In Kenya, the suffrage is 18 years old. The head of government in Kenya is President Uhuru Kenyatta. Kenya’s national symbols are the black, red, green, white, and the lion. Kenya’s independence day is December 12, 1963 from the United Kingdom. Great Britain colonized Kenya.

Economic Information:

The GDP per capita (PPP) is $3,300 in US dollars. Kenya is 185th compared to the world. In Kenya, they use Kenyan Shillings (KES) as their currency. One US dollar is worth 99.73 Kenyan Shillings. Kenya’s agriculture products are tea, coffee, corn, and wheat. 43.4% of Kenya’s population is below the poverty line. The inflation rate in Kenya is 6.4% which ranks them 186th in the world. Kenya’s agriculture products are tea, coffee, corn, and wheat.Kenya’s agriculture products are tea, coffee, corn, and wheat.

Geographical Information

Kenya is located on the east side of Africa, south of Ethiopia, north of Tanzania. Kenya is five times the size of Ohio and about the same size as Texas. Kenya has frequent droughts with rains only in April, June, October, and November. Some natural resources in Kenya are limestone, soda ash, salt, and gemstones. You should avoid going to Kenya during the dry season because there will be little to no water. It will have all evaporated because of the extreme heat. Three physical features in Kenya are the Chalbi Desert, Lake Victoria, and Mount Kenya. If I were a tourist, I would visit Lake Victoria so I could get in the water to relieve the heat. One endangered animal in Kenya is the Aberdare Shrew. The Aberdare Shrew lives in the Aberdare mountains in the high altitude bamboo. Another endangered animal in Kenya is the African White-Bellied Pangolin. The African White-Bellied Pangolin in endangered in 20 countries and can walk on 2 or 4 legs.

Societal Information

There are three major ethnic groups in Kenya, the Kikuya, the Luhya, and the Luo. There are two official languages in Kenya, English and Kiswahili. There are also numerous indigenous languages. In Kenya, Christianity is the most popular religion with Islam coming in a far second. Kenyans are proud of their country and it's accomplishments. 78% of the total population of Kenya is literate. 81.1% of the Kenyan male population is literate, and 74.9% of the Kenyan female population is literate. Mothers in Kenya will normally wear a Kanga to carry her baby on her back. Kenyans are warm and friendly and will greet you will a kind handshake. While they do their handshake, to show respect they will support their right arm with their left arm. Furniture is extremely expensive in Kenya, and families will normally have to take out a loan to buy furniture.

When a person dies in Kenya, their relatives will sing, shout, and play a drum. Uji, a porridge made of cornmeal, millet, sorghum, or cassava is a popular dish in Kenya. Soccer is the most popular sport in Kenya. Highly organised by poorly equipped leagues will operate even in the poorest of areas.In Kenya, Kenyans celebrate Christmas by visiting relatives, exchanging gifts, and attending Christmas Eve service. In Kenya, Kenyan children graduating from elementary school will take the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam to determine which middle school they will attend. Before going to Kenya, you should get the Typhoid vaccination because Typhoid can be found in contaminated food or water in Kenya.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta is the fourth and current president of Kenya. He has been in office since 2013. He is the son of Jomo Kenyatta who was the first president of Kenya and was one of the founding fathers.

Nairobi: Kenya's Capitol

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Is situated in the central part of the country. The city is about 300 miles northwest of Mombasa, Kenya’s major port on the Indian Ocean. As a government center, Nairobi attracted migrants from rural areas of Kenya that made it one of the largest cities in Africa. When Kenya gained independence in 1963, Nairobi remained the capital.