Number the stars

by Lois Lowry presentation by Maddy Allan

Number the stars

The main conflict in Number the stars is the war in Denmark in 1943. Annmarie Johansen is a lanky, silvery blond hair ten year old. Unlike her best friend Ellen Rosen who is a stocky, dark haired ten year old. It is almost winter now and the Jews are being reolcatid.

Figurative Langue

( The meadow ended at the sea, and the gray water licked there at the damp brown grass flattened by the wind and bordered by the smooth heavy stones.)

Point of view

Point of view is third person limited

Number the stars


The theme is never be afraid

Uncle Henrik ( It is much easier to be brave if you do not know everything.)

Figurative Language

The Nazi soldiers are marching though Copenhagen witch means food shortages and much, much more. Annemarie is a Danish ten year old

The passage I am going to read is important because it moves the story closer to the climax.