After High School Plans


Type of education needed

For my job as a bio medical engineer I would need a College & Doctorate degree
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College; NYU

  • NYU has many different non-profit organizations to join. from thirst project to many others!

  • It will make me a better person and make find jobs easier.

    • NYU is in New York. They have one of the best engineering programs in the country

    • It would cost 184060

    • To get in you have to have a GPA of 3.7 and get a 1800 on SAT

    • The ratio is 10:1 from students to teacher.

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Paying for College

  • Josephine county Medical society.
  • Student loans, Student loans are just a must through today's college so I would have to take one.
  • Parents, my parents would help me get through college by paying rent or helping me out.
  • Try to get a running scholarship to help pay.

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Location info for NYU

    • Located in New York

    • For fun I would vist major landmarks

    • The weather would be Sunny and cold

    • I would like it because It is a big city.

    • New York is the largest city in the USA with 8.1 million people

    • It is also the second largest city in the entire world

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During High school classes

Some of the classes I can take during high school will help me do well in college classes like;

  • AP bio
  • AP Physics
  • AP English
  • Calculus and AP calculus
  • Career Academy

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